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Main sponsor Fromm leaves GC and settles in the club

Shirt sponsor Reinhard Fromm (78) packs his belongings on the GC. Trigger: Caribbean holiday by CEO Huber amidst the biggest crisis in club history. The next GC blast after the departure of Heinz Spross and the capture of Red Lantern is a fact.

Shirt sponsor Reinhard Fromm almost releases the magazine on Thursday morning LOOK-headers: "GC shakes in the closing battle. And the boss Huber baskets on the Caribbean beach."

The red lantern has been on campus in Niederhasli ZH since last Sunday and the 0-1 defeat against the bad tail light. Xamax

For the first time in 70 years, the record champion threatens 27 championship titles) the case of Zweitklassigkeit. And what does the CEO Manuel Huber (31) do? He baskets on the Caribbean peninsula of the Dominican Republic. For two weeks.

"What else is there to say? "Promotes the main sponsor Fromm, who is over 1000 people in 40 offices worldwide. "It's hard to believe. The captain leaves the sinking ship. It would be the least that can be expected if the responsible team is in such a crisis. If a machine breaks down in South America in South America, I'll be on the phone at twelve o'clock on evening. ”

Three weeks ago when it became known that the majority shareholder Heinz Spross leaves and President Stephan Anliker and car dealer Peter Stüber each one With over 45 percent of the GC shares, Fromm says at a glance:" It's a tragedy! Anliker leaves CEO Huber and sports manager Mathias Walther too much freedom, he has not looked much at the two fingers. "

Now the CEO of Huber (estimated annual salary 350,000 Fr) is basking in the Caribbean, while at home the team is fighting the first descent since 1949.

For Fromm, the barrel has flowed. " I do not continue with the sponsorship. Certainly not under this leadership, this leadership, this board, and these investors. I prefer to spend my money on young female tennis players or donate to charity. "

Pang! GC needs to look for a new shirt sponsor for the next season. Fromm pays more than 500,000 francs per year. If it is successful, up to a million.

Concluding remarks Fromm: "It is incomprehensible that the entire leadership together does not do everything to save the sinking ship GC." [19659019] What do you say about that? What's next with the record champions? What is wrong? Write us in the comments! We look forward to your comments.

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