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Lufthansa rolls over daughter: Eurowings closes bases and gives up long-haul flights

Big conversion at Lufthansa low cost airlines. Eurowings closes places, retreats from long distance and unites the fleet.

Prior to reduced profits, Lufthansa announced a week ago that it would initiate further rotational measures on Eurowings. On Monday (June 24), the largest German airline now explains how he wants to bring his cheap daughter on the course. The conversion is extensive and should return Eurowings "as soon as possible in the profit zone". The plans read at least essentially as a role backwards.

First of all, Eurowings withdraws from the long distance, which she recently did to be able to serve as a holiday flier. A "clear focus on short distances in point-to-point traffic", the Group announces in a message. Eurowings long-distance, on the other hand, is "in the future the network organization's commercial responsibility".

Closing of bases announced

In a presentation, Eurowings manager Thorsten Dirks presents that he wants to grow in "core markets", either by a larger Productivity or more aircraft. Examples are the airports Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Cologne / Bonn and Hamburg. On the other hand, some "minor, unprofitable bases" are said to be closed. At the request of aeroTELEGRAPH, which places it is, the airline did not comment. In addition to the four core markets mentioned above, Eurowings has nine other bases, including in Pristina and Palma de Mallorca.

Eurowings fleet will be standardized on machines from the Airbus A320 family. Contributing to this is the flotation of the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, which joined the LGW on Zeitfreracht. Eurowings rents out the aircraft and crew, but announced in the current presentation but an end to turboprops wet rental for early 2021

. Zeitfreight wants to replace the Q400 with jets from Embraer. By the year 2019, the nine oldest and most expensive A320 systems will leave the fleet at Eurowings. For this purpose, four A320 Neo will be added from Lufthansa's orders in 2021 and another 16 by the aircraft in 2022.

More daily flight hours for crews

The staffing times for the Eurowings crew are expected to increase from 530 in 2018 to 750 in 2022, read in the presentation. This is to be achieved, among other things, through a strict home base principle and an increase in service days and daily flight hours. If necessary, Eurowings also refers to "natural fluctuations" and "social plans". In other words, if the other measures are not taken, staff will be cut.

In addition, Eurowings plans to increase the number of aircraft operators certificates (AOCs) from four in 2018 to two in 2019 and finally to only one in Germany lower. This increases productivity. In addition, the Belgian Lufthansa subsidiary Brussels Airlines will not be integrated into Eurowings according to plan. Instead, a "closer connection to the grid companies is planned", ie to Lufthansa, Switzerland and Austrian Airlines.

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