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Lucerne rubs off climate resistance – watson

Climate Demonstration for the Government House in Lucerne on Monday Image: KEYSTONE

Lucerne roughly climates climate resistance

Lucerne Cantonsrat soon found out a Sondersession to the climate a symbolic climate condition. It recognizes the climate as the highest priority. Altogether, the Parliament has become pragmatic in its terms.

The Parliament must be in favor of climate resistance for about two pros. Rahel Estermann (Green) endorsed the climatic disruption, the CVP and FDP fraction, which explicitly symbolized climate change. The underworld of the Vorstüssen was, at least, the green ones saying that our climatic condition was only symbolic.

The youths diminish the climatic resistance, so that politics ignores science, said Rahel Estermann (Green). They have a sign that this policy has been heard.

Roedi Amrein (FDP) pleaded, the Vorstoss of CVP and FDP said one genealogy to the ground. This ecology was important, as well as the economy and the social economy. Also, with understanding, "Notstand" would not have been easy-going conversions.

Put a point to trade

Sara Muff (SP) quietly said, justifying the climate, stripping the priority of the story. Michèle Graber (GLP) soft, with the climatic condition the Parliament can put a mark on the trade.

Government council Robert Küng plundered a blame, both conditions still abolishing the climatic conditions. Application of the Government said Sachpolitik. Bringing the symbolic act of the canton to the Canton cousin

The Parliament approves of the CVP and FDP with 87 to 23 votes. The posture of the green-state excavation plant is also required to be displayed, with reference to and 72 to 37 votes. search for flight tickets. There is also the cantonal government to test the loan, an ecology of the motorcycle driver. In the last few years, a solid was separated from the Mehrmals in Canton of Lucerne.

In sum, the Parliament of Canton of Lucerne deals with the actual Sondersession die Hälft, which around 60 tracts of torture Vorstösse zum Klimawandel. The debates fell despite the differences that were evident from the factions fracturing smoothly.

The Cantonese dominated by the civic parties remained on a realistic path. Looking forward to climate policy, it has been explicitly stated. The Parliament demanded that the government ratify a report, so that the masses of climatic turmoil can be coordinated. (kün / sda)

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