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Loredana with the video message to Schwesta Ewa

Last year, in June, Schweita Ewa released her last solo album entitled "Aywa". Although the album is now more than a year old, the songs are heard today – even by other well-known rappers.

Last year, Switzerland Ewa had a very stressful time due to several abuses and tax evasion. Sentenced to 2 years in prison. It was a huge shock to the rapper when she recently gave birth to her daughter and is now a single mom.

Blonde rapper Loredana published a story on Instagram with her in a costly Rolex show In the background, the track "Frei" from Schwesta Ewa's last album can be heard.

King Lori wrote: "But the statements of all these Kahbas are not reliable to me." The two female rappers had previously communicated publicly several times, which is likely to form the basis for a good relationship between the two rappers.

Loredana is currently struggling with some changes in his life. After rumors of a possible breakup between her and Mozzik became high and the rapper finally confirmed the rumors, she had to fight some haters.

They accused her of being with Mozzik just for the money. Therefore, Loredana announced to block all dogs that would have and insult her under her pictures. But she also argued that factual expressions of opinion are not erased, only insults are meant.

In this stress surrounding her person, a support from Schwesta Ewa should be very welcome. Fans now want a collaboration between the two German rappers.

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