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Loredana «King Lori»: Loredanas replaced Album prizes monotonous Cash

Von der Prosecutor in the Charts? Loredanas replaces album prizes monotonous cash

Rapperin Loredana makes no headlines about a fraud case nor music. Soeben is your album "King Lori" appeared.

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Loredana mag Autos.

On their 33-minute album, the Luzerner rapper sings among others "Benz", "Ferrari Testarossa", "Rolls Royce Phantom", "Lambo", "Benz AMG", "Bentley", "Maybach Benz", "BMW Coupe »and« G-Class ». Between all these auto-car payments, it's mainly about money (usually referred to as "cash"), fame (which often manifests itself in brand clothing or even cars), love (expresses that you donate to other brand names, watches and cars) and stores (necessarily to make "cash" and gain fame, in order to experience this one's love).

Dazu have the producer duo Miksu and Macloud crafted highly contemporary beats that with their angular beats perfect for the creative sound of the Bluetooth boxes passes. Everything is served in streamlined three-minute steaks and garnished with many autotunes. Yes, Loredana is a phenomenon. Und damn successful.

It is quite unclear whether the 24-year-old who was allegedly bought at the beginning of his career clicks to start right. And regardless of what the delayed criminal procedure was because of fraud. Loredana is accused of facilitating a Welsh couple of several hundred thousand francs.

Music Without Any Subtlety

All of these ideas seem to help streams and clicks in the Internet music currency as well as harm. Gangster stories are already doing well in American rap. Musically, the success of Loredana cannot be explained today. Neither textual nor intended is exceedingly exciting. Over long distances it is boring and repetitive.

And then it still had lines like "Yes, my T-shirt is not from China, mass-cut, I'm fresh. Better stuff, as a dealer, man, I just want my cash. ”Loredana's music lacks in subtlety and irony. Everything is laid out at maximum prosthesis. Every beat, every word, every rhyme: Loredana's music is free from secrets and inclinations.

Cash and Ferrari also do not solve all problems

It is a world, in PS more important than IQ. You can learn tomorrow, leasing today. There is a world in which the people are divided into "King" and "Victim". Loredana, who is ever ready again, is "King". So it may still be incorrect to say that your album is "King Lori" and not "Queen Lori", but that disturbs the previously unified generation not obviously.

Also on the "Lucerne lake" instead of "Vierwaldstättersee" one shuts off grossly. Kings need it. With what Loredana's self-conscious music makes, one can also read in the single line where they include the fraud allegations: "All questions still a feature, but the prosecutor says, No! / Must ask for permission, everything can do Not much. ”Much worse than deducting a spouse (think" mutually "please) is the fact that" King Lori "imposes restrictions on criminal proceedings. For normal citizens this is a comforting message. "Cash" and "Ferrari Testarossas" do not solve all the problems, however.

Loredana and the PK in Pristina

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