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Lidl mocks Aldi, Edeka and Co.: Werbespot excites the network

Lidl provides a commercial spot for laughter.

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Discounts can be used with your advertising strategies often, in order to eliminate your competitors. Lidl has now reinvented itself in a Netflix parody – the result is brilliant.

Neckarsulm – Since years, well-known discounters such as Lidl, Aldi, Rewe, Netto and Edeka provide a real-life contest. Edeka's "super-horny" spotlight promptly followed a self-explanatory music video called "Zum Aldipreis" ̵

1; and Lidl rarely reads side-by-side competition.

Lidl shares tips against Aldi, Edeka and Co.: the "Netflix" advertising spot

On YouTube, the food market has recently opened a commercial spot that already celebrates the network for its originality. Namely, the dual-purpose Spot is a Netflix trailer produced – and of course, it does not save and glorify the peaks in competition.

Lidl's dual-purpose Spot is a Netflix trailer.

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This competition in the trailer riddles why Lidl is just so "damn favorable and at the same time so infinitely fresh" – and briefly sets up an undercover agency, the mystery of the discounter supermarkets to vent.

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Lidl and the "House of the Little Money" – Werbespot has the potential for a viral hit

selected universes are definitely rediscovered. So in this set, we are giving up on spoilers – just as many: The "House of the Little Money" has already landed a viral hit. Warum? See for yourself:

Unfortunately, Aldi had less pleasing news for its customers: A customer recently made a nasty fund – and publicly complained.

Aldi or Lidl, where is the better discounter. The ZDF is conducting a comparison on Tuesday, testing the various categories.

Lidl has now set a park limit. At one point it became expensive.

The discounter had to buy a non-food product shortly, because there was a danger that it would cause a power shock.


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