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Large asteroid rushes past the earth in sight

The threat of an asteroid impact on earth with an explosive force of about 100 Hiroshima bombs is prohibited. According to the European Space Agency, the up to 50 meters "2006QV89" will miss our planet.

With a telescope in Chile in early July, a possible point was observed in his career, said the planetary head of office in the Esa satellite control center in Darmstadt, Rüdiger Jehn, news agency DPA. If he had appeared there, the asteroid had collided with the earth. There was no sign of "2006QV89". He could possibly approach the earth again in September 2023.

Brocken could have struck the earth in September. The risk of collision was according to the risk list for Esa at 1 to 7299. For comparison: For a lottery win with six correct plus additional number, the chance is 1 to 140 million.

In view of the planet over

rocks from space to this extent can cause enormous damage. Six years ago, the explosion of a 20 meter asteroid in the Russian metropolis caused Chelyabinsk's devastation. With a dreadful bang, a pressure of pressure drove across the country. The explosion of 16,000 tonnes of Brockens was damaged on February 15, 2013 by approximately 1,500 people – mostly by broken discs. Thousands of buildings have been damaged.

The European Space Agency's satellite control center currently lists nearly 870 properties that could potentially hit the earth over the next hundred years. According to Jehn, "2006QV89" will fly past our planet in sight. (SDA) [19659010]
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