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Lager jumps 6 percent: Amazon makes two and a half times more profit than expected

Internet giant gives quarterly figures: Stocks jump 6 percent: Amazon makes two and a half times more profit than expected

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Amazon surprised once more: The internet giant has a lot more profit on Thursday night, the first quarter announced when Wall Street waited. Investors increased the stock by over 6 percent in post-trading.

The base was Amazon's earnings of $ 3.27 per share in the first quarter, more than two and a half times higher than expected. Sales were also much higher than the forecast of $ 51 billion. The stock initially jumped seven percent in the aftermarket and recently reached a plus of six percent. The stock has now reached an unofficial new record.

According to analysts, analysts expect data from the Nasdaq Tech Stock Exchange to average $ 1.22 per share. However, the range ranged from $ 0.66 to $ 1.79. Sales were projected at $ 49.79 billion, barely for Amazon's forecasts. In the quarter, Amazon had made $ 1.48 per share in revenues of $ 35.71 billion.

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Amazon is renowned for its remarkably low profits – every penny, since Jeff Bezos empire earns Amazon Amazon directly in new business ideas or expands existing ones. Amazon ” src=”https://fol-charts.finanzen100.de/bwcharts/images/finanzen100/intraday/fol_intra_uebersicht.png?expires=300&ID_INSTRUMENT=90929&[email protected][email protected]$$” />

Amazon's Pricing Development Ratio (P / E), a common stock valuation measure , therefore, is above 300. In comparison, a P / E ratio of the limit between cheap and expensive stocks.

Amazon's quarterly numbers often surprise – negative as positive

Bezos hardly cares about what Wall Street expects. Amazone's quarterly data is therefore often completely different from expectations. For the second quarter of 2017, for example, Amazon had announced a profit of only 40 cents per share, virtually 71 percent below expectations. In the following quarter, Amazon exceeded earnings earnings by a factor of 17.

However, as Amazon cranes in more and more industries and drives competitors by size alone, the stock is one of the most popular US stocks. the stock. Amazon's share has increased by 67 percent in recent months, since the beginning of the year by over 30 percent. At the same time, the technical market has only won 20 and 4 percent against the Nasdaq 100 index.

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