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Karl Lagerfeld († 85) – Nights all tears

Under these publications, even Karl Lagerfeld's Tod misses more and more criticism – which deals with fashionable marine life of various sides.

The sadness around Karl Lagerfeld, who died in the afternoon (85), is gross – There are several fashion shows in the social media of their last years. Still, that belief is not fair to everyone: more and more do you even criticize those job announcements. "Do I think: Was it with the whole bullshit that it has given it?" Some political considerations gave fluids and many women, say hassles of sexual abuse? ", Author Marvin Xin Ku is on" Vice ". "The unpampered side Lagerfelds fails."

As Jameela Jamil (32), Model and British TV moderatorin, on Twitter, interferes with Lagerfeld being "Saint, who is in frenzy", being depicted. "He hated a lot of talent, he was no cousin of the best man, without any more notable wife," motzt. You support as a hope an "anti-condolence" article, has the portal "Wearyour Voicemail" publicly available, and there is always critical of the disturbed designer outsider.

He slandered Adele as "zu fett", Lady Diana as "dumm"

Tatsächlich, in fact, Lagerfeld always honored his wife or discriminatory: 2009 he told somebody in an interview that no-one would want curvy women to say, 2012 mountaineering is Popstar Adele (30) as "a bishop to fat". Oh, and sweet singer Beth Ditto (38) she's not really gutes her, her spit are seen and said Muse. You said the "Morning Post", say "fatten girls" they didn't find an arrangement. "He is not always online, he is not politically correct. The case is when we get here. Undoubtedly he was even crazy fat. It was so cool. »

Other prominent women have been disappointed by their language nephew. Pippa Middleton (35) welcomed the Modeschöpfer to the best of his ability, so he would not be able to ignore it. About Heidi Klum (45) he opposed: “I know Heidi Klum niece. Nobody in France says. "The disturbed Princess Diana (36) is referred to as" hubby and süss ", as well as" sehr dumm ".

Rapperin targets Worth in the" racist man "

Für Skandal Lagerfeld took care of politics. Thus, 2018 was solved with a visit in the out-of-the-box industries "Le Point" Engagement, if he criticized Kanzlerin Merkel with the roots: "If you read a Million Zuwanderer in the country, they have opened the way in the Bundestag." Another interview with the transmitter C8 featured memory field like the chieftain of the Jew: "If ever this kind of foolishness, one can not cope with millions of Jews and then spatter millions into the worst of the enemy cavities," is soft.

The German Rapperin and Schauspielin Nura (30) nah in a Instagram Post to Lagerfelds Tod on these Days of Engagement: They point their jobs into the "racist man" and ironically watched, they hope, if heavenly fugitives, who were nervous, became involved.

Criticism and "caller" Peta-Kondolenz

In a few months, Lagerfeld was able to sit at the doorstep, too: he often used in signal collections. The Tiersschutzorganisation Peta etwa condolences the family below. "Karl Lagerfeld has been unsuccessful, and since then, the era one end has been called, while both ex-exotic animals are still demanded", so the organization on Twitter. Underneath. "Peta is convincingly condemning the afflicted ones of your homeless genders." Many users quote this lagoon. The Kondolenz said "cold" and "disappointing" or "unmotivable". Es said, the Tod des Designers are an ankle for their anti-Pelz campaign. (WYT)

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