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"Joker" on Record Hunting +++ Cult directors direct Marvel films down

Cult directors direct this Marvel +++ «Joker» on record hunting +++ Netflix puts hit series on ice

The film and serial world does not stand still. Even in the past couple of days, so again has such a thing. We have three interesting news for you.

Joker is soon to be the most successful "adult movie"

"Joker", the other film about the same DC evil weight is further on success rate. Since the movie launch on October 10, the strip has hit 738 million US dollars worldwide. Damit sets the movie short, breaking a record that holds the previous "Deadpool": the title as the commercially successful R-Rated movie.

R-Rated is the highest release in the United States. To watch such a movie, at least 1

7 years old or accompanied by an adult must be told. With us, such films were often released for 16 years.

Damit undermines «Joker», «Deadpool» 2016 was ready to prove: Even films with a high age release can be commercially successful. Previously, the makers of Deadpool had long despaired with the producing studio. They did not want to make the movie at all and then put the proposal in a family-friendly movie from 12 years. Fortunately, Macher then got through and was rewarded with a $ 783 million in performance fee.

Seither is Hollywood on the "R-Rated Train" and launched more films with an R rating. That a high age release alone does not accomplish all that, however, for a film to be successful, even proves the reboot of "Hellboy". Despite an R-rating, the movie with its true story turned into a bloody flop and cost the studio millions.

Hellboy had to play at least $ 100 million, to be profitable. At the end there were just over 21 million. Image: Lionsgate

Now back to "Joker": That the movie will be the record of "Deadpool" in the next few days is undisputed. Still, the film is in thousands of countries at the peak of the cinema – and in China it has not even started. The question is, really, now whether he is also creating the magical limit of a billion dollars.

Netflix has to release upbeat science-fiction series

It has long been known that Netflix is ​​the cult-anime cowboy Bebop as a live – Action series to be implemented. This work began in early October.

You can read more about the project here:

Now the production has just released a proper damper. Principal John Cho allegedly injured himself so badly that the production had to be canceled for the series. As Deadline writes, Cho should have injured a routine and well-tried scene at the last take. Who exactly happened or who looks like the injury is unclear.

John Cho plays the character Spike in the series. Image: Dybex / Wikipedia

However, the incident should be so serious that Cho still Los Angeles was flown back to where he had to study an operation. Furthermore, the actor was expecting an on-going rehabilitation.

Netflix shared that his thoughts were on Cho and he could count on the full support of the company while he healed. Appropriate plant Netflix is ​​also not available to replace another actor, but theoretically would be problem-free in this early phase. Until the screenings could be resumed, at least seven to nine months would pass away.

Francis Ford Coppola finds Marvel films absurd

Marvel films currently resist some criticism from Hollywood's top league. Prepared for a week or so, cult director Martin Scorsese ("Taxi Driver", "Good Fellas") harshly criticized the current cinema and particular Marvel films. It compares the superhero strips with others with leisure parks, which though pompous but without real added value. Marvel films saw neither cinema nor culture, Scorsese found.

Martin Scorsese. Image: EPA

Nun also suggests Francis Ford Coppola's tone. At a film festival in France, the director of films found "Apocalypse Now" or "Der Pate" clear words. So soft, among other things, that Scorsese, with his criticism, still said nothing. After Coppola's opinion, Marvel films are nothing but cinema, but quite absurd. After all, people were expecting from the cinema, and it was dazuzu winning. It is enlightenment, knowledge or inspiration. He did not understand, had people been allowed to watch the same movie over and over again.

Francis Ford Coppola at the Lumière Film Festival in Lyon. The 80-year-old could receive an award for his life's work. Image: AP

Shortly after this statement, director James Gunn reported on Wort on Instagram. He has also starred in both Marvel films "Guardians of the Galaxy" and is currently working on "The Suicide Squad". In one post, he wrote:

"Many of our grandfathers thought, all gangster films said alike and often called them" secret ". Some of our original ancestors thought in Western and believed that the films of John Ford, Sam Peckinpah and Sergio Leone were all exactly the same. I remember in one of my grandparents, with the I starred over Star Wars. He replied with the words: "I saw it, if it was still in 2001 and it was boring!" Superheroes are simply today's gangster / cowboys / adventurers in space. Some superhero films are terrible, others wonderful. Like Western and gangster films (and only films), no one is sure to appreciate them, even some geniuses. And that's in order. [»

Whoever used to watch a movie according to Martin Scorsese today, it already looks like, when the November" The Irishman "starts on Netflix. It also starts in some cinemas in the United States. Whether he even comes to the Swiss cinema is not yet known. (pls)

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