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It's the new Mercedes boss


Daimler introduced new managers for car and truck spare parts

The new car and truck bucket Daimler provides more refuges for the planted Umbau des Consoles. Viewfinder and front end have named the full-service staff for the cunningly unique teile, which Daimler has been working on Friday. Head of Mercedes-Benz
    AG should be summoned
    Ola Källenius (Image below with the new ones
    ), he was the sweet Dieter Zetsche
    as Vorstandsvorsitzenden der Daimler AG bribes.

In the spite of the daimler truck going
    AG must stand Daum, also care for the truck and bus company responsible.

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Have the name of the Daimler Shareholders

The front and viewer have the right to control the group's completely independent units under the roof of the Daimler AG in past summer. By doing so, the ones Teile will become more flexible. The shit spares cars and vans on one of the trucks and buses on the other site, which will tell the financial and mobile service requirements, which are unique.

The last wort in the planes will be in the Daimler shareholders on May 22 the main assembly. For the occupation of the prince then decisively decide in September that the appropriate access point of the new AG.

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