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Interest rates on fixed mortgages to record low – View

Mortgage has never been so favorable. The standard rates for interest rates on real estate loans have fallen again at a low level. For a mortgage with a ten-year period, you pay on average just over 1 percent.

Weaknesses in the economy and intensified competition would have shifted mortgage rates to a new low, says mortgage broker Moneypark on Friday. In the ten-year fixed rate, the most often matured, the average indicative interest rate fell by as much as 47 points (BP) from 19 August to just 1.04 percent since the beginning of the year.

1.2 percent for 15-year mortgages [19659007] For 15-year mortgages, the decline was up to 93 BP. Here is the average price offered 1.20 percent. 5- and 2-year mortgages currently cost 0.94 and 0.92 percent, respectively. These are averages of over 100 banks, insurance companies and pension funds.

But what are the reasons why mortgage rates are so low? Confederation bonds are no longer an option when it comes to returns. Institutional investors tend as an alternative to first-rate mortgage loans. Experts believe that the extreme negative interest rate environment will remain for several years and the mortgage rates will remain low. (Pfu / SDA) [19659009]
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