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In Bali: Russian with orangutan stayed in the suitcase

Aviator officials rescued a young orangutan from illegal exports in Indonesia's seaside resort Bali. The police found the two-year-old big monkeys when they examined the luggage of a Russian tourist.

Hungary was stunned in a rattan basket reported by the newspaper "The Jakarta Post" this weekend. The Russian was arrested for smuggling. He claimed he bought the pet for $ 3,000, according to the newspaper. A friend told him it was okay to take the monkey to Russia as a pet.

Two years is still a toddler's age when orangutans live near their mothers. The monkeys are among the endangered species. In freedom they only live on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and the shared island of Indonesia Borneo.

Additional Animals Smuggled

The head of the airport quarantine department, Dewa Delanata, described the handling of Russian with the animal in the newspaper as "inhuman". The orangutan had been pulled so that he lay unknowingly in the cane box for two to three hours.

The tourist had syringes and drugs with him to administer to the monkey at the residence in South Korea. The boy was placed in care by the Balinese nature conservation authority. According to Jakarta Post, the authorities also found two geckos and five other lizards in Russian luggage. (SDA) [19659019]
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