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Ice hockey: The HC Davos inaugurates the converted stadium

With a new athletic leadership crew, HCD cemented a solid foundation during the summer break, while a stockpile was further worked up to the summer of 2020 in the renovation of the splendid ice hall. ] The work is so far advanced that the HCD can carry home games again. The work in the ice hall and the work in the crew. After a starting program with 12 points from 8 away games, you basically have to be satisfied. Only the results bulletin does not count much here – the HCD has accomplished five games less than the average home premiere, the EHC Biel.

"We are average"

"The table is an illusion," says coach Christian Wohlwend. "I would say we are average, on computer games or" Where would you be? "- Scenarios do not allow me to create. With effort and intensity, I was very satisfied with the game in Friborg. Then we were not sharp enough, yet we were able to snap to a successful finish. That was really a treat. ”

Now, charity and his staff have made the team a systemfest again. It has a solid defensive foundation, it solves well out of its own zone, takes care of the vehicle. Only the good Powerplay balance could signal a propaganda lie. With almost 24 percent efficient efficiency, Davos ranks fifth. "It looks better, than it is," says Wohlwend. "We have most of these gates in two of eight games. Then a lot of work is awaiting us. ”

Jubilar Ambühl is celebrated correctly

The Getöse at the home premiere can not yet very well (well from sporting grounds). «This is totally overstated. We play half of the qualification at home, the other half away, the order is really the same. I look forward to the same game at the same time. ”

Before the Bundes go, it can also be reconciled with the audience after the past season. With good performances in exile is a serious step, but you and the supporters must prove that the home complex last season (19 points in 25 games) was only a symptom of the deep-seated sporting crisis.

in any case at one time: Jubilar Andres Ambühl (1000 games last Tuesday in Friborg) will be celebrated in an atmosphere of domestic atmosphere.

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