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Hyundai Ioniq Electro Facelift (2019): More supply and performance

Hyundai has redesigned its Ioniq Electro. The electric car gets more power, a larger battery and an improved range. However, the base price rises from the previous 33,300 to EUR 34,900. The market launch is in September 2019.

The lithium polymer battery now stores 38 instead of the previous 28 kWh. This increases the range by 36 percent to 294 kilometers according to WLTP. In addition, the electric motor 136 instead of 120 hp, the torque remains constant at 295 Nm. A 7.2 kW built-in charger is equipped as standard.

The newly developed Hyundai Ioniq Electro also gets the single-barring function that Hyundai introduced in Elektro-Kona. With it, the driver can stop the vehicle without using the foot brake by simply holding the left paddle towards the steering wheel. The new version also features the smart regenerative braking system, which adjusts the recovery intensity to the slope and distance to the vehicle in front. In addition to eco, comfort and sports modes, the newly developed Ioniq Electric also has the even more fuel-efficient Eco + mode.

The new version is recognizable by the pattern on the closed grid we know from Elektro-Kona. The front bumper, LED headlights, LED daylight and 1

6-inch aluminum wheels have also been reshaped.

The optional navigation system now comes with a 10.25-inch touchscreen and smartphone connection. New in Ioniq Elektro (and known from Hyundai Kona Hybrid) is also the telematics system Blue Link . So you can ask the charging status via the app and start the charging process. As with the Kona Hybrid, the SmartSense technology package has been expanded to include cyclist recognition and a cruise control start-stop feature.

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