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Huawei Switzerland shows off espionage claims by Mike Pompeo

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Huawei Schweiz of incurring this espionage for China. The telecoms are absurd because of the downward and downward look

Huawei Schweiz has rejected US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, winning China through the Telecoms in Switzerland's espionage. The president said absurdly, Vice President of Huawei Switzerland declared Felix Chamber, "Le Temps".

Pompeo warnte vor Schweiz-Spionage

Pompeo hated an interview with the "New Zürcher Zeitung" of the Swiss spring the risks are warned of a reign of China. "When China offers information technology, you should say that matching reporter of the Communist Party controls the word" hats declared.

Falls die Schweiz Chinese technology spoiled, so the US Secretary of State in the "NZZ" , they love Schweizer's information directly to the Communist Party of Chinas. «Da vibt es keinephäre», mahnte Pompeo.

Huawei Schweiz gives guilt to the USA

Felix Chamber, Vice-Chef Switzerland at Huawei, quietly sat in an online interview with the West German newspaper "Le Temps" on Thursday. , there were trade crunches started at one of the USA. «We are in constant contact with our customers in Switzerland, informing about the current situation. The biggest of them have total confidence in us. ”Huawei has cleverly provided the creation of dozens of workplaces in the boarding school in Switzerland. (SDA)

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