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How the new market effect will work

(Motorsport-Total.com) – The focus of aerodynamics for 2021 is shifting increasingly towards the car's lower house, not just an incision in the current design philosophy of Formula 1. The actions should at least in theory for better racing

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The effect returns to Formula 1. Zoom

Currently, the lower part of Formula 1

cars is flat, but in the rear suspension surface the lower part is changed into a so-called diffuser and together with the rear wing these two elements stand for a large part. This concept behind the cars, however, gives strong turbulences, the so-called "dirty air" h looking at trailers behind the cars are usually designed to work best with otwisted static air.

The concept changes to the so-called Venturi channels, which use the front side of the side panels, generate the so-called ground Eff ect The air between the lower housing and the road is accelerated more strongly.

This creates more contact pressure and means that the cars can cope with smaller rear wings. In addition, the aerodynamics shift to the lower body moves the engine's sensitivity so that cars driving behind do not suffer as much from the "dirty air".

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Additional Baffles Around The front wheels are also designed to ensure that the whirling air is in the swirling air. This increases the efficiency of the underlying Venturi channels.

Control of aerodynamic turbulence is a very complicated matter – and is the cause of the newer more and more elaborate barge boards in Formula 1. A reduction of this turbulence is therefore possible that the area of ​​barge boards can be strictly regulated in the future.

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