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"Unfortunately, it is common clinical practice for us to see patients with breast cancer and patients with prostate cancer whose tumor disease appeared to have been defeated several years ago, but where the disease returns in the form of bone metastases," said professor Lorenz Hofbauer, a specialist at the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden and coordinator of the μBONE consortium, resulting in broken legs, severe pain and reduced quality of life. "In particular, breast cancer and advanced prostate cancer are up to 80 percent to settle in the legs." The cancer cells in the human body in the bone marrow for several years , a kind of "hibernation" and ruin after waking up the bone relatively quickly. The researchers want to understand the processes that lead to this development.

Why do cancer cells fall into the human body into this winter star? And what does it wake up like? Why do all the breasts brake? ̵

1; and prostate cancer cells? Which communication channels promote the manipulation of benc ornate in favor of tumor growth? And how do these hides hide from the human immune system? "The exact mechanisms and individual stages of development of bone and tumor cells on the road to clinically recognizable bone metastasis are insufficiently investigated, but are prerequisites for early diagnosis and improved prevention and treatment," said Professor Lorenz Hofbauer. The aim is to better understand the development of bone metastases. "The coordination of the new priority program 2084 by the University of Medicine of Dresden Dresden is another building block in our work to further increase excellence in research and at the same time recognition for our expertise. Collaboration with colleagues from all over Germany in the German Research Foundation's program strengthens our expertise in the field of close cancer research , says Professor Michael Albrecht, Medical Director at the University Hospital.

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