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How about Serkan & Jade in Week 2?

"Bachelor in Paradise" said: "It fucks me up"

In the first "Night of the Roses" Serkan Jade gives her praise. Now the two are officially a rose couple. After all, the two have already done the first night together, which makes the other singles think there is more. "I would have given her the rose if the kiss had not fallen. I thought she was interesting out there and wanted to meet her here," says Serkan. But is it too fast? Jade is annoyed: "It fucks me." Still, their time together was pleasant and very intimate. Why Jade is so broken, we show in the video.

In video: Jade & Serkan kiss on "Bachelor in Paradise" the very first night

It actually starts pretty harmless. Jade and Serkan enjoy some cocktails with the other singles. As they turn the bottle, the two come closer. "I like his open, honest manner," Jade says. Serkan challenges her, "Can you dive?" After the joint dive, it's time to start working. The pool is smoked indefinitely. "Digga, what have I missed here?" Filip asks. Even Jade's nipples flash out is the culmination of the evening and we show them in the video.

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