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"House of Cards" -Star Kate Mara worries our Daughter a bug

"House of Cards" -Star Kate Mara and our Ehemann Jamie Bell says since May 2019 happy Eltern one healthy Daughter. But there was a dark treasure about pregnancy.

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This is the world at the foremost actor Kate Mara is more than just a little wonder. At that time, in the Podcast "Dr. Berlin's Informed Pregnancy Podcast", she was well off, she was ready to get pregnant, lost her baby even more weeks.

It is noticeable that this is not the case

At that very time, it was so much fun that it wasn´t right with the baby. "The Embryo could not recognize in Ultraschall, except the Pregnancy Sack", said. "He softly daraufhin:" Admittedly, it's not just the right timing "." Kate Mara doesn't want the hope, until she gets into the sad months that the baby doesn't work. Am the end should resurrect, that it was with the original cousin.

Nur wette rodter being pregnant

Mara and our Ehemann were disturbed in the Boden, but clean time saves the Schauspielerin at a positive test in the hands. "It was kind, bittersweet. I was very happy, but also sadly saddened that it was not so much more enthusiastic about who was at the worst." But this should be your child healed on the world. "Today is so froh, that everything is going well. It is just wondbar." (Fos)
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With tension, the sixth and final table of "House of Cards" is summarized. What will win the Power and Intruder Games in the darkest political world of the USA?

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