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Horror Wolves – Battle Royale in Tschnerobyl from now on in Early Access

  Horror Wolves - Early Access Appointment & Gameplay to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Battle Royale


Horror Wolves ̵

1; STALKER Battle Royale Early Access Appointment & Gameplay

The battle Royale in the dangerous Chernobyl death zone from the Ukrainian game developer Vostok Games, Fear the Wolves, is now in Steam's Early Access Program Available. The price is 20 euros.

Horror Wolves is scheduled to leave early access during the year 2019 as a full release . Until then, developers want to deliver content and polish the existing gaming experience.

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How Horror Wolves Works

Vostok brings some new ideas to the popular Battle Royale genre with Fear the Wolves. Thus, with continuous lap time, no circular zone is closed, but quadrants in 25 square kilometers of game world become more dangerous through radiation . Also, the wolves compete through the gaming world, following you along with the other challengers for the title Last Man Standing. In addition, radioactive anomalies, known from the legendary shooter stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl, create an additional danger.

At the end, the rescue helicopter is waiting in a zone surrounded by red smoke for the last survivors, who are then allowed to fight over the single seat. Further differences in the PUBG and Fortnite sizes: In fear of the Wolves, you play exclusively in the ego perspective . And every game goes through a full day so it starts in the morning and ends in the evening, with corresponding changes in the light. In addition, a weather-based system based on the deceased players voice gives a great atmospheric variation.

If you remember Fira Wolves of the above-mentioned shooter stalker, you're in the right place. Former developer of the Stalker studio GSC Game World sits at Vostok Games and has been inspired by the atmosphere. Vostok is also responsible for survivor Survarium.


Fear Wolves is published by Focus in collaboration with Webedia, the parent company of GameStar and GamePro. We will report neutrally about Fear Wolves, but we will not test it.

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