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Homophobic offense – Bolsonaro criticizes Colonel's Focus – News

Homophobia criminal – Bolsonaro criticizes Colonels Focused – News – SRF

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  • The Brazilian Head of State Jair Bolsonaro has rumored the Upper Court of the Land – because this homophobia has been ruined.
  • In the past, Bolsonaro hated a lot of homosexuals over homosexuals.

There courtesy homosexuals can be "wehtun". So Bolsonaro: That: Businesses are afraid of being horrified by homophobia, "double over", homosexuals. Zudem argued the head of state, the court had "complete unjust", would like to see it in that legislation only.

The Supreme Court of Brazil hates homophobia on Thursday officially as a ruinous thief. Eight out of eleven riches speak out, reminiscent of homosexuals and transsexuals analogous to racist outbreaks, as a punitive act. Racist penalties can be punished in Brazil with penalties of up to three years or money penalties.

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In the past, Bolsonaro has suffered with homophobia Aussagen Aufsehen. Under other hats, he explained, he was much nicer, said Sohn was as swollen. [Brazil] Infinities hated swine, lesbian and transsexuals in the past years of sin. After providing the organization Grupo Gay de Bahia, which says four years of statistics are compiled, in Brazil in the year 2017 alone, 387 toys and 58 pages have a homophobic background. It was an increase of 30 percent in 2016 compared to 2016.


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