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High levels of cocaine flood the market in Switzerland

High cocaine overrun Switzerland

The Emergencies are rising. The degree of purity of cocaine has doubled in Switzerland for eight years. A direct consequence of the ever-broader masses, who – with new smuggling methods – traveled to Europe and Switzerland.

No other illegal drug brings so many consumers into the hospital recording. According to searches by the Sunday newspaper, the number of emergency cases is rising. The chief medical officer of the Emergency Medical Center of Bern said there were still 22 patients treated with cocaine poisonings in 2013. By 2019, there would be over 100 patients.

Millions for IV gifts

Your earning due to IV gifts is in millions. This is reported by the "Sunday Look" and reported on a statement by the Federal Social Security Office, which the newspaper obtained with the Public Law Act. In the year 201

8, they paid 683 doctors and clinics for the production of so-called monodisciplinary medical IV gifts. In total, those IV counters outnumbered 29.5 million Francs.

Dabei would have just over ten percent of the gutters around 73 percent of the total attendance volume. A Berner physician has discarded around 3.1 million Francs from various IV counts since the year 2012. Two more medical doctors would have obtained 1.9 million francs at the same time.

Few chances for the socialization of "Carlos"

The Zurich SP governor Jacqueline Fehr had the turn of the Justice Department with the criminal "Carlos" in the " NZZ on Sunday »defends. "In the Pöschwies punishment, the Mitarbeiter had to keep me informed about everything," she said in an interview. In addition, he states that "Carlos" must change his behavior and need therapeutic assistance, the politician stressed.

After being sentenced to a prison sentence and to a therapeutic measure, Fehr relative to the high cost of 20,000 francs for the dangerous penalties therapies "The money is sensibly set, because each alternative would be expensive", she explained to the "NZZ on Sunday". Either we make further sacrifices or the perpetrators continue to live long behind the grids, led further away. of "Carlos" see few success chances. He said most of the therapeutic measures were abrasive and abrasive. "Carlos" also has no interest in being treated.

He said today "an honored star" who enjoyed high respect in prison. "Suddenly there was a bad school bus and no one was there for the sake of it, they would not cope," Sachs said softly.

SRF centralization goes further

The leadership of Swiss Radio and TV SRF has according to the " Sunday newspaper »decided a further centralization. They told local editors that all regional Internet portals were being set up. SRF also recently launched a pilot project for SRF regional editors in Basel, Bern and St. Peter as a pilot project. Abolish galls.

In addition, it should be able to provide more online editors in the region. For reasons justified, the SRF leadership stated in a Miter editor information that a "comprehensive quantitative analysis of market and audience research" had provided that the article hardly generates coverage on the regional pages.

The SRF chiefs had emphasized that it In the elimination of the regional pages, you do not explicitly handle a savings program. Numerous charities would have practiced internal criticism and decision, according to him.

5'150 claims against Thomas Cook

The lawsuit against the Swiss banker of the bankrupt travel company Thomas Cook was conducted according to the "NZZ on Sunday" the biggest bankruptcy case in Switzerland. "At least at least 5'150 creditor claims have been entered," said Adrian Gygax, deputy head of the responsible Bankruptcy Office in Canton Schwyz, the newspaper. Presumably they are aber yet considerably more. The exact number would be high, at this time.

The travel company Thomas Cook Switzerland has its seat in Pfäffikon (SZ), and it will be opened on October 1, 2019. The majority of creditors came from Switzerland as well as from Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands and Spain. Thomas Cook Switzerland had offered other package deals that were sold over the Internet.

At the very largest bankruptcy case in Switzerland, the downfall of Swissair, around 10,000 creditors had filed their claims – Thomas Cook Switzerland should, according to the newspaper and

End of the era of Levrat

By the end of the month, Christian Levrat must lay the cards on the desk. And it goes without saying that he was suspended as SP president, who reported "NZZ on Sunday".

On November 30, in Bern the delegation meeting of the SP found: "We were to see a balance on these elections. And also personal questions are in Bern for discussion, "he reads as quoting.

Then another deadline is ready to be included in the pleasure agenda: On 3/4. April 2020 is a party day. "In Basel, we are also determining the personal future of the party."

"Seniors" cause 315 serious accidents

Around 315 accidents involving heavy injuries or deaths have occurred according to "Sunday newspaper" and "Le Matin Dimanche" Causes people over 70 years. The newspaper relies on data from the Federal Astra Stras.

However, the public focus will always be on more recent vehicle links – although the accident rate has been significantly reduced. Vehicle withdrawals and convictions of older traffic sinners had virtually doubled in the past ten years. Older motorists must not have been in traffic medical examination for more than 70 years at this year, except for 75.

"Republic" receives fresh money

According to a report from "NZZ on Sunday", the online magazine "Republic" can catch up. The newspaper writes that investors would have to redeem new money and the further operation would be secured for a foreseeable time without any lasting savings measures. «The second round of funding stands shortly before the conclusion; sign contracts first. We were briefly informed at the December general meeting and then publicly communicated, "shared" Republican "board president Sylvie Reinhard on an inquiry with the newspaper.

Illegal flight appointments in the Alps

For years, according to the "Sunday newspaper" since years in the Swiss airspace. In doing so, they transported the ashes of the dead with small aircraft in Switzerland and shook the urns over the Alps. A taxpayer from Bavaria flies around 30 times a year with up to ten urns among others in Switzerland and shuts off its contents mostly over the Bund Alps.

The authorities of the Canton of Graubünden in the newspaper that the flight records as "very clear nicht allowed and therefore illegal ». It is literally about nothing else than illegal waste disposal. The Federal Civil Aviation Administration BAZL now wants to trade and see the failing German taxpayer at least be held accountable, he says. . The newspaper reports on acts of the Swiss canton police and writes that a suburb member of a Swiss SVP section attacked a number of activists with a pepper spray. This happened according to the report prepared at the end of March and in a demo against racism in Schwyz.

The customer was a reaction to the Ku-Klux Klan riot in the dazzling Fas night. At the edge of the left demo, 40 right-wing extremists are rallying together. They would have pitted opponents of the customer, and it would have come to the refinished camps in slums. The SVP politician did not want to extricate himself from the newspaper to the Vorwürfen.

Discounter raises paternity leave

Both discounter Lidl and Aldi double in Switzerland according to a report by the "Sunday newspaper" the paternity leave. As of 2020, both four were offered two weeks instead of a so-called "Papi Time".

Damit transferred them to their co-applicants – Denner has spent the last ten years and introduced fatherhood holidays. For Migros and Coop, these values ​​lie at 15 days.

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