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Helene Fischer: In 9 months it really is!

With this close-up, many fans have never counted! Alongside Florian's training, as well as the well-known creative pause, the hopes of being on the ground with the singer in 2019 were ever smaller. It is the ZDF that bombs!

At first, everything was as if it were the last Helene Fischer Show, which was in ZDF last year. The delay was completed and the message, which was removed, was running long on. Available "The West" consisted of the fact that it was returned in 2019!

Has been commissioned since 201

1 by Kimmig Entertainment annually in the 1st Christmas night. Up to now, eight shipments are being produced, all of which are quite simple. You can also watch fans and wave them on a further show in the ZDF. In sehen, they are in the well-known Sendeplatz on December 25th at 20:15 hrs in ZDF. Today, a new month…

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