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Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel meander through Munich

Helene Fischer fully enjoys her new love affair with Thomas Seitel. Together with her sweetheart, she walked through Munich one day before Valentine's Day.

You are so in love. On Wednesday before Valentine's Day Helene Fischer (34) walked through Munich with his new friend Thomas Seitel (34) arm in arm.

The magazine "Bunte" has exclusive pictures that show the couple recently in love and intimate. The two enjoy a regular day in the city. Together they walk past the colorful shop windows around the opera. Before the jewelry is delivered, they stop and look at the goods behind the glass.

It was only on the pay machine that they broke their taste

In addition, Helene and her Thomas enjoy a good dinner in a popular restaurant. At half past seven, the couple goes back to the parking garage. A fan who looked at the two of them told "Bunte" that they had to buy their tickets at the payment station.

Seitel describes his friends as "natural" and "lively". He is a "carer". "If Thomas has a partner, she is the only woman in the world for him. He gives her a completely safe feeling," said a dance colleague in the newspaper.

Buns and tulips for Helene for Valentine's Day

This is the first time Helene has appeared publicly with her new boyfriend. In December alone, Fischer and her long-standing partner Florian Silbereisen (37) announced their separation.

"Bunte" wants to know that the singer and her new partner live in an apartment in a luxury apartment block in a village south of Munich. Thomas Seitel would often shop in the supermarket. On Valentine's Day he received breakfast rolls and a bouquet of yellow tulips for his sweetheart.

Florian Silbereisen begins his career

In the newspaper "Närmare", Florian Silbereisen's uncle Georg Silbereisen (65) revealed that it was his nephew after separation from Helene Förresten, "very good" goes. The pop singer comes in front of the camera as a new "dreamship" captain from April.

And Helene? She wants to take it a little easier this year professionally. Also in the early summer of 2017 she betrayed. "One day I become a mother. When I look at my god-children 's eyes, I know what is very important in life." It seems that Helene Fischer has set her priorities for this year. (PAF) [19659033]
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