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Heisser Tee receives the risk of detective cancer – News Clear: Medical & Psychology

Both tee separates the Geister: If it is for a single room temperature, find another one in the cool. With Blick on the risk of cancer, it is unnecessary to ignore it. It sustains a major analysis in Iran.

Very high tea can increase the incidence of detective crawls: Regularly more than 0.7 liters of tea at a temperature of at least 60 degrees Celsius, one has received some risk, and one platinum epithelium in it Have a look at it. To this award, a study by Farhad Islami of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Tehran (Iran), presented in the "International Journal of Cancer," is published.

Note on a solitary sense context is long overdue. As a result, the International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC) launches the "Drinking six hoarseness at about 65 degrees Celsius" as "possible crawler rain". Also, the Deutsche Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ) crab information service warns against Internet site seizures in connection with search crawls for some lifts. For our study, data from more than 50,000 women and men in the northern Iranian province of Golestan were diverted between 2004 and 201

7. Whoever is the observer is closely followed in years by the years. Amongst the discovered conditions of tea consumption, the surgeon acquired socio-economic data and nutritional habits.

Trained Mitarbeiter views that student home in their homes. The treatment of the promoted trunk temperature became two bags of tea only. One of his bags stabbed Mitarbeiter's thermometer. When the temperature of the tees had sunk to 75 degrees Celsius, the teens were bitten by the tea to drink. Warning of the tea, they were bitten by 70, 65 and 60 degrees, while drinking. The promoted Trintek temperature is noted. A reporter studies had the telemarketer reported at most, who had been told their tee, would they like it – a misplaced fix.

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In the subterranean room, the tile 317 field of flat epithelial carzinom was released. , one of them is the most species of eagle crayfish. Yet another possibility for possible other flash factors was that raw or alcohol consumption was statistically final and related to the temperature of the tea and the risk of crushing. You have to make sure that the risk of cancer was so great, that you were the one who loved the idea and the drink at the time of the teacup. Have a look at followers. As a result, the add-on can change directly or the education becomes more substandard – with a tumor as possible follow-up. . Marmelade also said in the Mikrowelle that he was injured by his injuries. "It is possible that the damage to cell changes and those caused by cancer". (sep / sda)

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