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Heidi Klum about marriage to Tom Kaulitz

Heidi Klum (46) was still in the honeymoon phase. In August 2019, they and Tom Kaulitz (30) gave themselves the yes word. And Klum floats later on cloud 7. In the interview with "Entertainment Tonight" at Disneyland, the model beams over the entire face.

The reporter addresses her at your wedding – and she swears what magic has been all about. "After being on the big yacht, Tom and I got on a small sailboat. We were shipped to beautiful caves, ate a lot of pasta and had a wonderful time. I didn't want to come home anymore, ”she says. She hopes that this love affair will continue for a long time. "I print out my thumbs and toes – and hope it stays that way. Bisher runs everything fine. Tom is just wonderful, ”she assures. On the question, what was said to be the best thing in the Frisch-Verheiratet-Sein, the model-mama also prepared an answer. "Very much kissing!", She betrayed.

Your children should see the world

The quadruple-mami is also very busy and has never had time for turtles. If they are not ready for "Germany's Next Top Model", "Queen of Drags" and "America's Got Talent: The Champions" in front of the camera or other business commitments, they will take time for your children. «Next year I want to say India. I love traveling with you and seeing the world, "she tells the reporter excited by Klum's life:" You really live the American dream. "(Bsn)

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