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Heat for this Health: Medical Meteorologists Warn Our Hit

Sommer ist da! Up to 38 degrees can be found in the next days. The temperature is very low in temperature. This is why the Deutsche Wetterdienst warns us of the extreme temperatures.

The heat sink is for the human organism a burden, being medical meteorologists of the German weather services. Heat can be said for seniors and chronically ill people.

A man is a warm blower, whose core temperature in the body must remain constant at 37 degrees, explained Dr. Christina Koppe vom Deutschen Wetterdienst. Transparent heat, which grows in the form of the weather, is still needed by the carpet. It is critical. Its core core temperature from 42 degrees is low.

Abandon the heat of transfusion, be it fond, the scent of the skin takes hold, warms and warms up in the head.

Evaporation sheaths through switens

Auch das Schwitzen regulate that chirp temperature. Swallows the skin, when it is diluted. However, the air is particularly bad, the sweats, monkeys of the Swiss are slowed down, and the evaporation source is smaller.

Extreme temperatures affect the carpenter

In case of a storm, the carpenter must read only, keeping the carpenter temperature stable. . Medicines recommend a Hinblick on the Hitzehoch "Annelie", on functional activities in the freestyle to the tags. At higher temperatures, you are better off, in treasures or in pits, at Herz-Kreislauf-protesters or migraine shelters.


Zum Schwitzen needed the Körper Flüssigkeit. This is why drinking important water is important. If the Thrombose risk is detected, the Thrombose risk may occur.

If you think about tea?

A single country is desirable for drinking at higher temperatures. Reason: By pushing, they sharpen more heat and swipe quickly and swiftly. This trick, which provokes evaporative power, does not work with any of the other Hitries.


This way, high ozone levels can seriously affect the carpet. Ozone travels as Atemwege and can cause burning eyes or craters in the neck.



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