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Hans Stöckli returns to the state election

Bern's SP Council of States Hans Stöckli returns during the fall of 2019 to the parliamentary elections. The Berner spain SP announced this on Saturday. If Stöckli is elected, he is likely to become President of the Council of State 2020.

As SP announced Saturday, Stöckli was nominated by the Council of State Council Council for the Bureau of the Small Chamber. Vaud SP member Géraldine Savary was actually planned for this post. She was elected Vice-President of the Small Chamber in November 2017.

This usually corresponds to the good work of the agency two years later. However, Savary has recently announced after a donation scandal that they will no longer compete for the 201

9 state election.


Stöckli is quoted in the SP statement saying that he has been appointed to the Council Presidency "very special". He is "very motivated" for a third legislature in the small chamber and wants to continue his commitment to a strong rule of law, an open Switzerland and good health care.

Bern's Canton SP writes that she is pleased with the renewed candidacy of former mayor of Biel. Stöckli has repeatedly proved the election what confidence he thinks in the general population. She was convinced she could hold the government with him.

On request, Stöckli said Saturday that Géraldine Savary would no longer be a choice for 2019, thereby releasing the Council Presidency Council 2020, on the one hand, influencing the time for his announcement of his new candidacy. but also the decision to start again is encouraged. According to his opinion, he would not inform his candidacy until after the session.

If Stöckli did not go to work, former Bernese counselor Barbara Egger-Jenzer had been a potential candidate for the SP Council: She said in June this year that Stöckli would not stand she would consider a candidacy.

Stöckli, Markwalder, Streiff. ,

The announcement of Stöckli's candidacy led to a further clarification of the starting position for the state election in the Bernese Canton. So far, it was known that FDP should compete with National Councilor Christa Markwalder. The party leadership will propose it to the delegates in January as a candidate.

It was also known that SVP wants to play the strongest party in Bern's canton. She announced in October that she would only name candidates when it was clear if the two government councils would start again.

The second present Bernese Council is Werner Luginbühl (BDP). He has not commented yet. The national parliamentarian Marianne Streiff will also be running.

Since the Der Bund online release was announced on Saturday afternoon, National Commissioner Kathrin Bertschy is now also available as the candidate council candidate. "The Bernese canton is currently not represented in age and gender, and the council would like to have a progressive and organic voice," said the 39-year-old in an interview.

On Saturday, it became clear to who Greens in Bern's canton in the state election to rise: either with the party president, national councilor Regula Rytz, or ceded in the early summer government council Bernhard powder.

Bernese Green confirmed on Twitter a corresponding message from the magazine "The Bund", Greens announced at the end of August that they want to compete in the state election but not the name.

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