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"Habe ich nicht erwartet": Ceballos nach Reals Sieg gegen Betis sad

Real Madrid has scored with Ach and Force Betis Sevilla and has still closed the rounds on a Champions League rank. Recognized by Dani Ceballos, the king smoked and said that he had two things: 1. In air sprays, the Mittelfeldspieler was not included in Mute anyway.


Dani Ceballos (M.) found himself – Photo: Cristina Quicler / AFP / Getty Images

"I have a bit of bitterness"

DANIEL CEBALLOS about it : "The hard points are Gold. I am froh, that I was able to join the team. I hate lust, love in love and speech with Sergio (Ramos) darüber. I loved the ball and took the ball. ”

… those peculiarities and policies of the Betis-fans: I have become big as a footballer here and nowadays with a bunch of enthusiasm for Hause, I don't want to work here any time, to add the fun of the Betis fans. It is damage, but it can never change. It is important to enjoy it. ”

… the reservist roles of Isco:“ Es is not a matter of reason, reason, to work. Each of our natural games. To the end of the day there are still many games and I am sure that he was still important. We are in need. ”

"Es is always worth it, here anzutreten"

CASEMIRO over the defensive direction of the manor: "The coach decides and thinks that plan in the last 30 minutes perfect approach. Thanks to us, Betis end, we came across problems and gifts. Then Dan went to Sieg. They won't even play games in such a man, at least in the end. It's always pretty, here anzutreten. Especially a playful strong team, they are very well made. "

… the best in the field: " We want to keep up with, but not even the ball. We are flexible and particularly strong at Kontern. ”

… those chances of the championship: “ Thinking that we are cousin. We just think of play in game. For example, mugs are just like each other. We recommend that we present, as a unit, and say that we will be able to take a step forward. ”

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