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GTA ONLINE Diamond Advantage The program offers special benefits

Today, Rockstar Games announced the Diamond Advantage Program with special benefits for GTA Online. Tomorrow, July 23, 2019, Diamond Casino & Resort will open its doors and become the first choice for entertainment and luxury in Los Santos. To celebrate this great opening, the Diamond Advantage Program will take the concept of "VIP membership status" to a whole new level of self-meaning with a range of benefits and benefits. The red veil lifts on July 23. Participate in the events until August 7 to take advantage of everything the Diamond Advantage program has to offer.

If you buy a Penthouse (or unlock it for free with Twitch Prime) you get Silver status. In addition to the VIP membership included in the purchase of the penthouse, Silver Status members will receive the exclusive "Sharp Shot" wall art, a modern workpiece that can be hung on the wall of their choice via Penthouse Management. Silver Status members will also receive the classic Diamond T-shirt that matches the casino.

Silver Status members who help Tao Cheng to defend the diamond from a corrupt Texas magnate family can call the second cooperative mission "Clean Up" to get gold status, unlock an exclusive design for the new Truffade Thrax and a matching Truffade T- shirt.

Platinum Status Membership is a title that you refer to Do your hands dirty. Complete five casino visits for casino betting Agatha Baker (and get a decent amount of GTA $ and chips) to get the lucky tattoo and a special item from the casino store, Kronos Era Watch (including all variations) to receive. A truly luxurious watch. After completing the first collaboration, just call Ms. Baker to work in the city.

Diamond status is reserved for Platinum members who are properly hung. Fill in all collaborative assignments to unlock exclusive designs. Platinum members who host missions receive an exclusive design for a coveted, completely new vehicle. Platinum members who participate in a value mission receive an exclusive design for the new supercar Annis S80RR. Collaborate to complete the whole series of missions both as a host and as a player to unlock both.

All the benefits of the Diamond Benefit Program described above will be unlocked between August 8 and August 13.

And don't forget you can get the roof, and thus the silver status, in the Diamond Advantage program via Social Club x Twitch Prime. There are two ways for players who have linked their accounts and lost the reward for access:

Once you have finished and the penthouse is not yet shown for free, you can buy the roof and get a refund for Base Master Penthouse within 48 hours of your purchase. Otherwise, the prize should be displayed as "free" for all active Twitch Prime members whose account is in good condition, as long as they are active members.

Grand Theft Auto V was released on November 18, 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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