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Google provides Android utility with SMS follower RCS

19th June 2019 –
If you want to use this mobile device with the RCS device, Google will not be active and will integrate the protocol directly into Android's Messages app. However, users in France and the United Kingdom are still in the gender.

As the SMS technology of RCS will be needed, the support of the Mobile service provider is being upgraded more closely. The Telcos eliminates RCS all-time high-pressure powered. In Switzerland, however, Swisscom is only interested in the new messaging protocol. RCS will be supported from end 2019. Even in other countries, the definitions of protocols defined in 201

2 are interrupted.

Google is available at this rate. Ultimately, The Verge reports that RCS will integrate into Google Messages in June 2019 and immediately deployed to that Android user, most recently in the United Kingdom and France. French and British Android applicants can then send and receive RCS messages via Google's Messages app, or they may not support the protocol. Term for other countries is not known yet.

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