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Google KI diagnoses lung cancer cases as radiologists

Whoever is critically intellectual intelligence for Diagnosis of Cancer?

Google has recently proposed a new system for intellectual intelligence (AI), which recognizes lung cancer in frontal tests and a later accuracy ensures the diagnosis of radiologists. 19659003] At the current Google AI pilot work, a custom intelligence is being developed which can be used to diagnose lung cancer. The Diagnosis of AIDS is a major driver of human radiologists. The results of the search are published in the English-language Nature Medicine journal.

Initial intelligence may be played an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses in the future. Google has been developing an AI, which can diagnose some lung cancer immediately. (Image: sacred / fotolia.com)

KI was more reluctant than human radiologists

The technological Google trained the Algorithm and 42,000 CT scans of patients, which included one clinical study of the National Institutes of Health. This involved diagnosing Krebs diagnosis and diagnosing the diagnosis of six radiologists. Those AIs were able to expect five percent more cancer-related abnormalities, as well as the fact that their single scans accounted for eleven percent more false positive diagnoses, suggested that one suspected cancer, the nodes were actually harmless.

Improved precision is One more advancing step

Google's new technology is one that greatly improves the precision of the screenings, reports reports. At first, the lung cancer screening scientist said that Google's performance in reducing diagnostics has been a major advancement. In the future, the new AI could prevent people from being negative in their lives by having a diagnosed bone diagnosis and then treating false whitening.

That AI must be withdrawn from testing

The so-called artificial intelligence (AI) is being prepared says longer time as an option, to improve the screening of diseases and to make it possible, a range of far-off tumors with pasture greater localization accuracy. The Google System must not be sucked, nor should it be subjected to stricter tests, in order to prevent it from being absorbed into the medical practice. Since the study was restricted to well-treated patients, it is not known if the system is also undergoing new patients with similar outcomes.

Reputation rate was 94.4%

Algorithms, which have been tested for use in medical range, train the AI ​​in this study using von Scans to investigate Lungskrebs Screenings. Then the artificial intelligence is attracted to 6,700 Krebsvorsorgeuntersuchungen to stock markets. It should be ascertained that the diagnosis of Krebs could be corrected. In this case, the Vorhandensein von Krebs was known as the peasants. In the tested test, these AIs exhibited an expressing 94.4% accuracy, reports that study the study.

Optimization of AI and ARTS Co-operation That Treatment That Disorders Of The Algorithm Happened With The Diagnosis Of Six Human Radiologists , about fasting, who were able to diagnose gout and human cancer in the scans, they did not even hate hat. If you are able to provide screening-related information in the form of Tomography scans, the performance of the KI was comparable to the human skills. In cases that were readily available in Tomorrow's tomography data, the AI's human colleagues with eleven percent more positive diagnoses and five percent were found to have falsely negatively diagnosed. For human anxiety and medication at this stage, you may still have some serious problems, as long as you do not have anything to do with replacements with a KI. At the diagnosis and treatment of Krebs, anchors were again played an important role. Due to the combination of experience with a human arztes with the understanding of a deep-learning algorithm, it is nevertheless likely that less error in the diagnosis was made, to a total improvement of quality of life for all affected purposes was. (AS)

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