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Germany examines Messerangreifer – Blick

According to the knife attack from Amsterdam Central Station, classified as "terrorist", investigations are also in full swing in Germany. According to information from the Dutch authorities, German police arrested the attacker who has a German residence permit on Saturday.

"multiple data bearers" had been confiscated. The attack seriously injured two American citizens. According to the Dutch authorities, the evidence was that the attack was "terrorist motivated".

According to the authorities, the attacker is a 19-year-old Afghan. A spokesman for the federal ministry confirmed AFP that the attacker has a German residence permit. A spokesman for the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) told AFP that the Dutch police had asked for support from their German colleagues. There is a "close police exchange". The investigation was led by the Dutch police.

This gave suspect's name to Jawed S. He was guarded at the hospital by the police and should be taken before a judge on Monday. Investigator: Terrorist Motivation

According to Dutch investigators, the knife attack was a terrorist attack: the perpetrator "had a terrorist motive", announced the city administration on Saturday night. The attack occurred one day after the radical Islamic Afghan Taliban demanded attacks on Dutch soldiers.

The young man had seriously injured two people with a knife at Amsterdam Central Station on Friday afternoon. The police shot to the attacker and injured him. The shots caused panic among tourists and commuters. Two platforms were temporarily closed.

The victims are American citizens, according to the American ambassador to the Netherlands, Pete Hoekstra, on Saturday. According to the first findings, these randomly selected victims were.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte condemned "cowardice" and urged citizens to "stay alert".

The radical Islamic Afghan Taliban had previously attacked Dutch soldiers. After the right populist Geert Wilders had announced that he would hold a contest in the Dutch Parliament for the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. Wilders and his Liberal Party (PVV) have repeatedly provoked Muslim protests by protesting against Muslims.

The police did not want to say anything about the connection between Wilders's now canceled plans and the attack. On Tuesday, the Dutch police arrested a man at The Hague Central Station for alleged attacks on Wilders.

On Thursday, Wilders cartoon contest broke down. He claims he had several death threats. Unlike other European countries, there have been no Islamic knife attacks in the Netherlands.

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