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German flight attendant strikes

Passengers at a counter for the budget airline Eurowings at the airport in Cologne-Bonn. (Stock Photography)


According to the UFO trade union, a strike lasting several hours on Sunday morning began at Lufthansa subsidiaries SunExpress, Cityline, Eurowings and Germanwings. This will take until midnight – much longer than originally announced.

The Ufo cabin association extended the warning strike for flight attendants at several German airports from originally 5:00 to 11:00 o'clock until midnight. Daniel Flohr, deputy chairman of the union, said early Sunday morning. Strike participation is high, flights have already been postponed.

The four Lufthansa subsidiaries Eurowings, Germanwings, Lufthansa Cityline and SunExpress are on strike. It's about hundreds of connections at airports like Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Berlin or Hamburg.

An Lufthansa spokesman denied early in the morning to the AFP news agency that there were effects from the strike. "We do not currently see any operational impact," the spokesman said. Whether this remains so was initially unclear.

The warning strikes at the Lufthansa subsidiaries were first announced on Friday afternoon. A short time later, the trade union Ufo had already canceled the announcement since Monday's show at the parent company Lufthansa again.

Additional additional claims

The group had agreed to pay 2.0 more salary at short notice – Ufo had demanded only 1.8 per cent. Immediately thereafter, Ufo postponed further customs requirements, which Lufthansa immediately rejected in a letter. The employer also emphasized that the increase of 2.0 percent was not a fulfillment of the customs requirement but voluntarily. Ufo responded on Saturday with a renewed threat to return the parent company.

Behind the labor conflict lies a deep rift between Ufo and the Lufthansa group. The company no longer recognizes the Ufo Board as having the right to represent itself after significant management disputes and intends to have the union denied the collective bargaining power in court. Long-time UFO President Nicoley Baublies was even dismissed from the Lufthansa service. Ufo strikes Lufthansa in this logic as illegal and has threatened the participants with labor-law consequences.

Previously, Lufthansa had interrupted many flights in strike threat from the pilots or flight services and created an emergency aircraft. For the actual announced strike, it must come and no longer because of flight cancellations. Lufthansa's flight attendant was last stricken in November 2015.

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