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Geneva women give birth to one because of kita stress

Geneva Babies, who came to the world after August 1, 2019, get a Kita seat in the fall of 2020. image: shutterstock

Geneva women give birth – because of Kita stress

When your child arrives at a Kita place, in the summer, certain Geneva girls accelerate the birth even artificially. Because of that, it is a very definite prescription.

Sometimes it only happens for a few short hours: Baby Alain *, who arrives in a Geneva hospital on the evening of July 31, 2019, can look forward to the maternity leave of his mother. in an urban Kita. His roommate Xavier *, who was born in the early morning of August 1

, must hang out in the fall of 2020 in die Krippe.

The reason for this absurdly demanding scenario: In Geneva, for entry into the urban Kitas on the foundation day of July 31st. Who for the schoolgirl.

Before the time after the maternity leave, for another family, this must be another deception solution. In the Geneva daily newspaper "The Tribune of Geneva," Adrienne *, who gave birth to her child on August 11, recently stated that your little family will face a problem in the coming January: "My mother can have our son once a week. But my partner also works 100 percent. For six to eight months we were only looking for a day nut. ”

An organizational problem for the parents. But not only: Reliance on a nutmeg often costs more than a place in Kita.

From Sport to Artistic Introduction

To save these gulls, certain Papis and Mamis help. Adrienne has tried many things: sports, sharp eating, energetic putts.

At a gynecology term in the eighth month, they wanted to go one step further: As the physician, because of the size of the baby, anticipated the possibility of early giving birth, she asked if it was possible before August 1st. The doctor was teaching

Anders in a Geneva private clinic at the end of July. According to the "Tribune de Geneva", in this way a child – ready yet timely – came to the world on July 30. There, the doctor said, please follow a previous introduction to the birth. Planned birth deadline would have been August 4th.

Other mates according to the newspaper put on a special massage, the so-called egg solution. In so doing, the midwife or physician massages the inner mother's mouth and dissolves it through the spinal cord. This can be painful, but often shows the desired effect – birthdays often follow within the next 48 hours.

Attention on coherence with school

But why the rigid date date for the Kita entry? The explanation is odd and odd.

The city of Geneva has adapted its Kita rule in a "comment on coherence" and the due date for entry into the school, says Patrice Chauveau, head of the city's youth group.

With the introduction of HarmoS (the inter-cantonal agreement on the harmonization of the compulsory school), the children with the full fourth year of age enter the kindergarten on July 31, respectively. in the Entry Level End.

On the present side of the Rostigrabens, the problem seems to be not to imagine a glance at the destinations of Kitas in more large cities. A filing date as such does not exist. They register a minimum age (often three months) for entry.

* Names changed.

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