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Geneva sends red-green duo to the Cabinet

  She had not even expected a few weeks ago: FDP candidate Johanna Gapany (right) creates the election in the Cabinet. (KEYSTONE / Anthony Anex)

She did not expect not even a few weeks ago: FDP candidate Johanna Gapany (right) makes the election in the Cabinet. (KEYSTONE / Anthony Anex)

Freiburg's state elections are haunted by computer science problems. CVP requires a vote of the vote. While the left triumphs in Geneva, the SP in Vaud suffers a defeat.

Antonio Fumagalli, Angelika Hardegger

The most important facts in brief

  • In three cantons in western Switzerland On Sunday, the other rounds of the Council held elections of states.
  • In the canton of Geneva, Lisa Mazzone was chosen by the Greens and Carlo Sommaruga by SP. Canton's Vaud sends the green Adèle Thorens and former Olivier Français from FDP to Bern.
  • In the Canton of Friborg, the results after the computer split could only be communicated with several hours late: SP President Christian Levrat and Johanna Gapany, the young challenger FDP, prevailed. Late in the evening, CVP has announced that it needs a story on the vote – its candidate Beat Vonlanthen has lost his seat.

Freiburg: Gapany (ex.) Prevents Vonlanthen (cvp.)

  A thoughtful move Vonlanthen: He was voted out of the Cabinet - but his party is considering a regress. (KEYSTONE / Anthony Anex)

A Thoughtful Beat Vonlanthen: He was voted out of the Cabinet – but his party is considering a path. (KEYSTONE / Anthony Anex)

Which election on Sunday in French-speaking Switzerland: In three cantons – Freiburg, Geneva and Vaud – the other rounds of the Senate election. In both places, it was still forgiven, as neither candidate in the first vote had achieved the absolute majority.

However, the election on Sunday will not be remembered because of the accumulation of votes, but because in the Canton of Friborg occurred exceptionally: The final results had already been communicated in the early afternoon, after all, the counting of the polls was cheaper than in the national elections. Christian Levrat (sp.) And Beat Vonlanthen (cvp.), As well as surprise candidate Johanna Gapany (former), who unexpectedly came close to Vonlanthen in the first round of voting, fought for the seats.

Due to a large computer breakdown – according to the Chancellor, the transmission of the grouped election bulletins did not work properly – the announcement of the final results was delayed by several hours. At 21:15 the law firm was finally able to communicate the result. In fact, Gapany managed to deal with what had been considered almost impossible just a few weeks ago: it surpassed Vonlanthen, 31 years old, and without political experience at the federal level. FDP Switzerland congratulated her with a message in return for "sensational success". Gapany will probably be the first Friborg to enter Stöckli at all.

The subjunctive is necessary because the CVP leadership decided in the afternoon given the extremely short result – Gapany only got 158 ​​more votes – and the "big mess" must appeal and thus require a story of voting in all the canton municipalities. "Without the many turns during the day, we would have accepted the verdict," says a communiqué that sent the party late at night. On request, campaign manager Philippe Crausaz specified that the state chancellor could theoretically reject the application. But suppose it will be granted. This would leave the final result of the Freiburg election open for several days.

SP President Levrat did not have to quake for re-election. He made the best result in the first round by a long margin and held the lead in the second round.

Vaud: The FDP man who French can turn the tide

In Vaud's canton, it was simply relaxed in comparison. It was also a surprise there: in the first vote, the previous Olivier Français (formerly) had landed in third place, now he achieved, contrary to the forecasts, the best result of all candidates. He took advantage of the fact that the other bourgeois candidates had withdrawn after the first vote and whose parties now supported him. François brings Adèle Thorens (Greens) into Stöckli – another success for the party that already won nationally on October 20.

For the SP, which holds a state supporting role in Vaud, the election came on Sunday, however a Klappa same. She has to wonder if she presented the right candidate to the people with Ada Marra. Marra politicized the left pronounced and has made a name especially in migration and social policy issues. Her internal opponent, Roger Nordmann, who was just subordinate to the party congress in April, is like a parliamentary group of single members and also specializes in environmental issues. It is quite possible that he had had more chances with the bourgeois voters. In Vaud, it is already speculated that union leader Pierre-Yves Maillard, who has just moved in with the best result of all Vaud candidates in the National Council, could take back the SP position. He himself did not want to comment on such considerations on Sunday. Another simulation game says that Nordmann may try again because otherwise he would have to end his political career due to a time limit.

  The whales in Vaud: Olivier Français from FDP and Adèle Thorens of the Green. (Image: Laurent Gillieron / Keystone)

The whales in Vaud: Olivier Français from FDP and Adèle Thorens of the Green. (Image: Laurent Gillieron / Keystone)

Geneva: Red-green duo chosen

The original situation in Geneva's canton was the least promising, which turned out to be true. Lisa Mazzone (Green) and Carlo Sommaruga (sp.) Could easily defend their comfortable advantage from the first vote. As in the last two legislation, the westernmost canton of Switzerland sends a red-green duo to Stöckli, albeit with new faces. Particularly noteworthy is the triumph of the only 31-year-old Mazzone, who has just completed a legislature in Bern and now by far the best result, simplified.

For the bourgeois parties, the result is a sensitive defeat, especially for the FDP. Her graduate Hugues Hiltpold failed to set her own course in the subject of climate change. In addition, many traditional FDP voters remained urn, which is also due to the internal disputes surrounding the Maudet deal. In addition, two other bourgeois candidates competed for the second vote and Hiltpold was thus used to bury the water: Beatrice Hirsch (cvp) and Céline Amaudruz (cv), however, had no chance.

  They will represent the Canton of Geneva in the Council of States: Lisa Mazzone of the Greens and Carlo Sommaruga of the SP. (Photo: Salvatore Di Nolfi / Keystone)

They represent the canton of Geneva in the Cabinet: Lisa Mazzone the Greens and Carlo Sommaruga from the SP. (Photo: Salvatore Di Nolfi / Keystone)

Another man in Geneva who does not want to vote after the election

fum. · Since Lisa Mazzone was elected Council member, her party colleague Pierre Eckert could have inherited his seat on the National Council. But that doesn't come to that. According to the Tribune de Geneva, he informed his party that he would lose his office. He called it "personal reason". In the end, probably the next but one candidate, Dolphine Broggini-Klopfenstein, moved up – the distances were very small. Eckert is not the first citizen of Geneva to be elected to the National Council this year and now resigns from office. Earlier, Jocelyne Haller (Ensemble à Gauche) had already taken the same step – to the dismay of many citizens. Runner Jean Burgermeister relented because he did not want to inherit a man as a man. Thus, the third placed Stéfanie Prezioso now enters as city council leader.

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