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Fussball: Termin-Zoff on Basels Eindhoven-Kracher!

Three days before the ultra-important Champions League quali game, the Dutch Vizemeister müssen the Basler Laut Spielplan in Tourbillon. The League sighs a solution.

Subsequently, in Basel, they have opened clean shampoos, if the SFL has released the game plan for the new season. Zum Start sends the Liga den Vizemeister in Tourbillon. 500 kilometers back and forth. All in all, hours are in the bus. Nicht optimal said, say FCB CEO Roland Heri.

Nicht optimum disbelieve, that Basler will fly to Holland on Monday. On July 23, the season starts, PSV Eindhoven will be in the 2nd round of the Champions League qualification. The bases of the Dutch Brocken from the road are automatically qualified for the Europa-League group phase. For Rotblau gehts um Millionen. For the Switzerland, important points for the UEFA coefficients

"Teams priorities, which play internationally"

Umso remarked that the SFL Basel gave Beginn kein Heimspiel. «One hour longer in the bus does not ignore Sieg or Niederlage», told Heri. However, the Spielplan in which SFL is criticized is criticized. «Once in an optimal preparation, you must prioritize the league teams of the Planung, which play international games.»

League Speaker Philipp Guggisberg schreibt: «With all the Barring-Eingaben's clubs (Infrastructure, Vorgaben Police, Concerts, Events etc .), TV vendors and even up to 4 clubs in the qualification for European law enforcement is enormously cumbersome, yet another game plan is needed. ”Obersts Soil the SFL said, with these hurdles a sporting possible glitter Create Spielplan », so Guggisberg. Clearly, SFL thoughts have led to the fact that Basel must start Sitting: "The SFL sighs solutions."

Copy for CC kein Theme

A solution was that Sion and Basel played the home game and the Walliser, who, in the coming season, will not become internationally engaged, in Joggeli. For Sion-Boss Christian Constantin is the very only theme. "Eindhoven is lying happily nebenan", responds to CC by SMS on an appealing request.
Good luck is still in this term-offense not spoken

«Burgener erinn in jungen Canepa»
«The best thing to do»
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