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Friday Magazine | Billie Eilish wants you to become vegan and strive for climate

The Instagram video, which Billie Eilish released on Sunday, has in the past almost 10 million views: Joint with actor Woody Harrelson she talks about the global climate crisis. The video shows dramatic images of the effects of climate change: The Amazon is burning, the ice is melting, the sea level is rising. " The time is running out", as Billie says in the video. In the caption she quotes from Greta Thunberg's speech on the WEF: "Our house is in flames".

In the background of the videos runs Billie's melancholy song "Ocean Eyes" . Especially optimistic see neither the 1

7-year-old singer nor the 58-year-old actor. Your statements are scripted, but the content comes to fruition: We have to undertake them. to reduce. She also says that you should join the global climate strike. In addition, the Americans demand that organizations like Greenpeace and Fridays For Future support and follow them on Instagram. Keywords: Billie follows both accounts neither of them. However, it comes very nice calculated loot. The timing is also very nice: The last two weeks have seen various actions and demos in climates for climate – like the worldwide Earth Strike last Friday. Also in Switzerland this whole 100000 people went to Bern for a climate-friendly policy on the Strasse this Saturday in Bern. In America and Billies Management, the issue seems to have arrived .

"We are trying to be as thorough as possible"

This weekend, Billie Eilish also had another appearance in the "Tonight Show" by Jimmy Fallon . In March 2020, the singer goes on World Tour . Who's still on their "Where Do We Go?" World tour, she declared Jimmy Fallon in an interview. Billie collaborated with the eco-friendly company Reverb: "We try, on the entire tour to be as green as possible . There is no plastic straw allowed." According to Billie, these fans were required to bring their own water bottles.

Who else can be said to be Billie Eilish's tour, and who can keep their own ecological footprint also come in short time from A to B.

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