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Friday Magazine | 5 movies that make you happy right away


Whether after a stressful day's work or distracted from the annoying Sunday blast for a few hours, we can delve wonderfully with these five films.

How to Be Single

because I LOVE Rebel Wilson; she makes me happy, and because of her I also love "How to Be Single." In the film, Rebel plays the energetic Robin, who by her friend Alice (Dakota Johnson) shows ̵

1; exactly – how to have fun as a single For Alice, thanks to Robin, it is caustic the duration of the relationships the best time of her life. Thanks for the perfect home theater night, Rebel! " Andrée Getzmann, Producer

Le Fabuleux Destin d & # 39; Amélie Poulain

" The Waitress Amélie Poulain (She's For Me French Holly Golightly ) works in a cafe in Montmartre and devoted to helping others find love. As simple as history, failed to perform by director Jean-Pierre Jeunet: Beautiful accordion music, dreamlike imagery in sepia and wanderlust inducing Panorama Shots by Paris City. Therefore, I feel like a trip to Paris after the "Fine" sign. And smiling at strangers, jumping stones over the water or cracking crème brulee crust with a spoon. " Janine Heini, beautician

Forrest Gump

" How often do I make Forrest Gump 19659012] have already seen? Phu. After the twelfth time I stopped counting. The classic combines everything a good movie needs: fun, drama, good music and good actors. And with just he is two and a half hours full of action, long enough to forget about troubles in everyday life. " G loria Karthan, editor [19659014] Chocolat

" Maybe not the most typical of all feel good movies, but to me "Chocolat" is the perfect movie to film [TV] on an autumn evening and legitimize a Add chocolate overdose . The beautiful French Dörfli and the wonderfully daring Johnny Depp make my heart beat faster. A little tip: Watch this movie only with lots of food . Otherwise, the Feel-Good movie becomes a Feeling-Very-Hangry movie. " Chiara Schawalder, Fashion Assistant

Notting Hill

" We've probably already figured out what it would be like for our Hollywood heat (in my case, er, Keanu Reeves) would fall in love with us . This is exactly what happens Hugh Grant alias William Thacker in Notting Hill: His clumsy way of approaching world star Anna Scott – played by Julia Roberts – is more heartwarming . And even managed to kidnap me on Liebeskummer for a few hours to another world . Schmacht! " Irène Schäppi, Beauty Director

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