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French schools take Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies into their curriculum

France's schools included future Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in their curriculum.

The corresponding supplement to the curriculum had the French Ministry of Culture prepared for June. In the near future, schools will need to tie up a basic course on cryptocurrency in their education in order to convey to students, which influence Bitcoin & Co. on the economy and financial system.

In order to create the necessary conditions for teachers, the Ministry of Culture offers three different teaching videos, such as "Is Bitcoin the currency of the future?", "Can Bitcoin replace the euro?" "Do You Have Confidence in Our Country Currency?"

However, it deals with this at the earliest basic knowledge and no advanced expertise. Nothing destructively gains the importance of cryptocurrency outsourcing as it establishes more and more of the asset class. Thus, the French crypto-startup began in October so that more than 5,200 tobacco stores of the country could be paid for with Bitcoin by the end of September. To accept payments, including the cosmetics chain Sephora and the sports goods retailer Decathlon.

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