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Fraud in the Kopf area: Bulldogge Butzi must die

If an English Bulldog is ever attacked by men, the Zürcher Veterinarian will arrange the Dogs' Lair in 2017. Signals Beseitzer sucked down to the Bundesgericht.

A dog protector Canton Zurich has fought until the Bundesgericht that it can be erased. Unsuccessful: The Lusher Richter understands that the 50 kilograms of heavy bulldogs must be ejected. The tiger said to be frivolous.

Really hoarse there dog Tyson. Do call their halter and their friends the 50 kilograms old Old English Bulldog liebevoll Butzi

Since 2012, he is at the Klägerin. The common design is also of beginnig and obscene. Butzi has many rare frustration tolerances and shows great insecurity in dealing with other dogs and people.

Someone said they were going to say goodbye to this

. Butzi griff a Labrador dog in, a mop of one of his dog halteres, who protects our four-legged hats. Its tages also detached the Bulldogs on one border guard.

Also, the halter is obscured and becomes obscured in the upper lip. Im engraving the Fall biss Butzi is a woman in the Kopf. It has an 18 centimeter long wounds on the shovels, both smaller injuries and cheeks and at the bottom of the eye.

The veterinarian was informed about all areas and completed a Maulkorb and Leinenpflight for Butzi in November 2016. Gemässer Veterinäramt was the halter and cousin. You say badly to the dog, those vorfälle impoverished, and the guilt is the best thing to do.

Real gravity for the population

Im November 2017, still the Biss in the Kopf, so the veterinarian slammed the Note Brake. As sheltered buti and arranged the fun, there would be one risk of security for humans and pestilence.

The halterin daraufhin until our Bundesgericht, resurfaced on the but – no success, who was not reinstated from the urteil. It is clear that Butzi has a real feeling for the population, the report notes. This population has a risk of biting out bite attacks. Of course, these things happen uncommonly or in a distressing situation, which the visitor deserves.

Also, a site placement is for the purpose of no choice. Also, a latent frequency of grave injures is reported. This popular mouse does not keep the population away. (SDA / NOO)

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