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Formula 1: What gives Mercedes Lauda 70th Geburi?

On Friday, the legend Niki Lauda 70 will be in Vienna. So far, three times the world champion and the Mercedes Supervisory Board could not be happy about the test results from Barcelona. Thursday is the fastest to break: Alex Albon in Toro Rosso-Honda.

" Niki does it much better now. Rehab did well, but he will hardly show up on a race track in the foreseeable future, says his friend and Red Bull Motorsport consultant Helmut Marko (76).

The birthday party is planned to take place on a small scale. Too large after the lung transplant in August 2018 is the risk of infection in a large pot. Yes, even if they are around flowers, it can be dangerous.

Bernie talks from Gstaad

Servus TV already owned a large program for Lauda on Monday with the welcoming Marko, Berger and Stuck. His former McLaren counterpart, Alain Prost (who lost one point in 1984 to his teammate Lauda) sent him a video clip from Barcelona. Bernie Ecclestone will call him on Friday from Gstaad: "Such a crazy guy will never get Formula One!"

Hamilton finally faster

For three days, they were looking for the silver arrows Lewis Hamilton (34) and Valtteri Bottas (29) in vain among the fastest drivers. The duo shares a test day every day. For example, what Ferrari does not do.

Comments from the Mercedes camp were so bad so far: "We just shut down our program!" Behind the scenes, though, is heard that the world champion over the past five years has aerodynamic problems, and appreciates the gap to Ferrari itself at 0.8 seconds. Another scam?

The time-limited hunt begins …

Well, during the first four hours of testing on Thursday in the finally sunny Barcelona, ​​the first "duel" between the two best favorites took place. Leclerc put a best time in Ferrari, Hamilton offended each one with a new best time. But 1: 17.7 times Kvyat (Toro Rosso-Honda) and Raikkonen (Alfa-Sauber) have not yet been reached.

Ricciardo and then Albon

Shortly before dinner, Daniel Ricciardo sat with his new GP toy Renault in the thousand-fold thriller to the top. Now all three pilots traveled on the red rubber (C4): Ricciardo 1: 17,913, Hamilton 1: 19,977 and Leclerc 1: 80,046.

3 colors, 5 blends!

This year, Pirelli with fewer mixtures 5 instead of 7) is on the road – and the tires now have only three colors:

Weiss (Hart, C1 and C2)

Red (Soft, C4 and C5)

Add the tires for a wet track:

Toro Rosso's "secret"

Until the lunch break at 13 o'clock, the "Schocker-Team" was accelerated from Wednesday, after Daniil Kvyat from Russia showed his teammate Thai curious Alex Albon (22) that Toro Rosso-Honda wants to be in the midfield.

The best time at Albon with 1: 17,637 was also the fastest time of the week! Karting World Champion of 2018 finished well in the Formula 2 series last year behind Russell (now Williams) and Norris (now McLaren).

The Mystery of Toro Rosso? Well, the B-Team was given by Red Bull half of the car and with the front wing so far has the better solution. The experts: «The front of Toro Rosso steers the air outwards around the car. At Red Bull she goes straight up. »

Kubica now runs with frustration

For the first time, Robert Kubica (34) sat in Williams-Mercedes. On Wednesday, British Formula 2 champion Georg Russell pulled the delayed car for the first time. With 23 long laps.

Pole Kubica, accompanied by three TV shooters, made a lot of frustration in the belly of the 48-lap break in the competition, but was clearly behind Lance Stroll at the 1: 21,542-Mercedes race point.

So far, the former Force India Bolide has not really gone, for the DRS system is spitting. The driver cannot fold down the wing on the two long lines. Walk and Pérez are handicapped.

Barcelona, ​​4th day (at 13.00)

1. Albon (Toro Rosso-Honda) 1: 17,637

2. Ricciardo (Renault) 1: 17,785

3. Hamilton (Mercedes) 1: 17,977

4. Leclerc (Ferrari) 1: 18 046

5. Giovinazzi (Alfa-Sauber) 1: 18,511

6. Grosjean (Haas-Ferrari) 1: 18,563

7. Gasly (Red Bull Honda) 1: 19,495

8. Norris (McLaren-Renault) 1: 19,543

9. Racing Point-Mercedes 1: 20.026

10. Kubica (Williams-Mercedes) 1: 21,542

Hamilton (Mercedes) 1: 16.173

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