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Formula 1: Enwiler Family – Find out about Papi Schumi

There is still another question of the time, until Mick Schumacher, the son of Michael F1 icon, is to be voted on by the family.

Ob Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari, Petronas, Credit Suisse, BMW or Alfa Romeo. Also despite the many Helfer von Sauber since 1993 a Formula 1 ever lived happily: the Hinwiler Family. At the Zurich Oberland, the Sauber Motorsport AG (the official FIA official 2019 designation) is in the process of being honored with the highest standards. Also in the Nightwatches, Sauber has teamed up with a large number of junior teams in four different series (darunter with Luzerner Fabio Scherer in Formula 3). As a development leader, moreover, the heathen Columbian woman Tatiana Calderon (26) is involved. Under no circumstances will the US pilot test Juan Manuel Correa (19) at the Sauber. Both have this year's in Formula 2. Start is in Bahrain the next day. The Star has a prominent name: Mick Schumacher (19). He belongs to Gen. Louis Delétraz (21) to the Formula 2 title favorites

Es is still a question of the time, until the world master-son Mick S. is governed by one family. Prepare at the tests of Bahrain at 2/3 on the tests. April Mick will tell Alfa-Sauber on the way! The Pilot, who gets caught up in the Ferrari-Academy, still has no issues. Under the alpha-saucepan, the media on the sea thrives. Mick was the second foam that sits in one of the Formula 1 cars! Yes, 1997, the Swiss Ferrari on Hilfe and Schumat set up in Maranello as a secret tester in the suburban advertising…

Mick Schumacher speaks a video about Ferrari and his Vater Michael (50). "The Italian is yes, he says to our family. As a man who, like Rennfahrer, dared to blame, we have opened our hearts. That one compares me with my water so far, was not a problem for me. Comparing with the best driver in the world is a soul, trying to get ready! Michael is my idol, and I want to continually improve and still need to be taught. It is just a glance, that names are slowing down. "

Hamilton set in Melbourne's only one Schumi record: Lewis conquered the 58th Pole-Position for Mercedes – which was the German for Ferrari tat. [19659022]
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