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Fluvova is over | Health City Berlin

Hard and Long: The influenza epidemic lasted for almost four months 2017/2018. Now the working group for influenza at the Robert Koch Institute has explained the end of Grippesason.

The influenza epidemic 2017/2018 is over. This is announced by the Working Group on Influenza at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Consequently, the influenza season began in the 52th calendar week of 2017, reaching its peak during the 8th to 10th CW208 and ending in the 14th CW208. The influenza epidemic lasted for 15 weeks.

In the 16th reporting week, 1 908 laboratory confirmed influenza cases were transferred to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), representing a proportion of six percent of all tests tested for acute respiratory diseases.

More than 1
500 flu deaths

The first flu fall was reported during the 40th calendar week 2017. Since then, the RKI registered 332,103 influenza cases, of which more than 1 518 were fatal. The majority of influenza deaths were older than 60 years.

The flu epidemic of the year was much heavier than in previous years. One reason may be that the recommended triple vaccine does not cover flu B virus from the Yamagata line. However, this line was involved in 68 percent of all influenza infections this season. The second most common influenza virus was A (H1N1) pdm09 virus at 28 percent and the flu A (H3N2) virus at 4 percent.

Cashiers now pay four-fold vaccine

In order to improve vaccination protection, the Joint Federal Government (G-BA) decided in April that health insurance companies have to pay for the more efficient four-fold vaccine from next season. This also protects against influenza B virus from the Yamagata line. So far, there have been no binding legislation for the statutory health insurance funds, regardless of whether they take over the costs of the three or four-fold vaccine.

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