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Fennel oil for menopause, juniper against sweaty feet – SonntagsZeitung

A An average of 3.3 days less pain per month – this is promised by app people who have been plagued by headaches for decades. Concerned thus also "book" over the pain duration and intensity. The migraine button analyzes the pain pattern, suggests behavioral measures, warns of high drug consumption, is easy to use and does not secretly export the data, but only on request. Among other things, a video simulation shows what a migraine aura looks like. It is ideal to use the diet and ad-free migraine in the Kiel pain clinic as a supportive treatment.

B When measuring blood pressure does not exceed your bones. So the blood pressure rises and the measurement can be false with eight to ten measurement points too high. C Psyllium positively affects the cholesterol value . The fiber in psyllium is probably the reason for this. For example, in one study, 1

5 grams of psyllium powder plus 10 milligrams of a cholesterol-lowering drug as well as 20 milligrams of the cholesterol-lowering drug worked in one study. In addition, the combination of both has fewer side effects.

D Calcium and vitamin D are often prescribed to strengthen the legs. One study, however, makes one wonder: who had a gut polyp and took calcium or calcium plus vitamin D for two to five years, received – more often again intestinal polyps – with six to ten years delay. Especially those associated with increased risk of cancer.

E For the body to absorb more iron in iron deficiency it is advisable to swallow the iron supplement only every other day. This can also reduce the indigestion that such medications often cause.

Fifteen milligrams fennel oil and menopausal symptoms are improved by about 50 percent daily for eight weeks daily. The fennel fruits from which the oil is distilled have similar effects to the sex hormone estrogen.

G Children with constipation can help green bananas . Boil 200 grams of pristine bananas with 50 ml of water in a pressure cooker, shell, puree and refrigerator. Daily 30 grams it facilitates walking to the toilet. The pulp contains a lot of fiber and undisturbed starch.

More than half of all colds are transmitted by the hands . Washing your hands – with soap and at least 20 seconds – is therefore the best way to prevent infections. In fact, 11 out of 100 men and 3 out of 100 women completely refrain from going to the toilet, and another 38 men and 15 women out of 100 do not use soap. This was discovered by psychologist students, who undeniably observed visitors to public toilets in Germany.

In Ginger Helps children with gastrointestinal flu: Ten milligrams of ginger drops, causing them to vomit less often and returning to school faster. In adults, an attempted remedy for nausea and vomiting is dropped on a tap water soaked in alcohol.

J Fasting, increasing, fasting, increasing. Those who are overweight and have already reduced coronary arteries should keep their weight more stable. The stronger the yo-yo effect the greater the risk of diabetes, heart attack, stroke or death.

K Mild to moderate Knee pain improved with Kohlwickeln approximately equal to a gel containing the analgesic diclofenac, Apply the wrapper for at least two hours daily, preferably overnight, then rinse the skin with water.

L Those who want to determine their cholesterol levels usually have to go sober in the morning to the laboratory test . That means: neither breakfast nor cream in the coffee. It would not be necessary. The non-sober values ​​are equally meaningful.

M Preserving Gurkensud at the next raclette, when there are sweet acidic turkeys again, as an emergency agent for muscle cramps . Thanks to this "potion", the Philadelphia Eagles once won a football match against the Dallas Cowboys. The cowboys have to falsify because of muscle cramps, but the eagles played despite the greatest heat. An attempt of ten people later confirmed that sweet and sour cucumber water can shorten muscle spasms. The dose is one milliliter per kg body weight. However, the often prescribed magnesium does not provide anything according to previous studies. Only pregnant women with nocturnal muscle spasms benefited a little.

N Nasal Spray Do not use when lying down. The dose can be almost 14 times as high as when seated.

O Relaxing at the dentist is easier when you breathe the smell of lavender in the waiting room or 30 minutes before Oral surgery swallows a capsule with passion flower extract. Maybe it's just a placebo effect, but at least it didn't lead to side effects of sleeping pills: about one in three couldn't remember much about the procedure afterwards.

P Probiotics can shorten acute diarrhea by one to one and a half days. And when taking antibiotics, two probiotic natural yogurt or yogurt drinks can prevent the unpleasant side effects of diarrhea daily.

Q The child should pee on the doctor, but there is no drop. Quick-Wee Method : Use a tap water bath in cold water for circular over the abdomen. In about 30 percent of the children, the urine can be obtained within five minutes.