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FCZ steps out Gotthard's traffic jam on Good Friday

As thousands of Easter travelers, Zurich must head south on Good Friday for the playoff in Lugano.

It's good Friday, the FCZ team bus goes south, somewhere in a big Easter stop. But: the bus is empty. Although Zurich sends its vehicle as normal to the playoff to Lugano. But only without the players.

Due to the traffic-related nightmare plan, on the birthday night in Ticino, the FCZ has got a trick. The team travels to Lugano on the train.

The bus runs through Gotthard's traffic jam and then waits in Lugano at the station. FCZ coach Ludovic Magnin says: "We have reserved a whole railway car for the players and the staff."

Preparing for a hotel

The Super League delegation in Zurich gets on the train heading south early in the morning, then it goes into Lugano for the game preparation at a hotel of the day.

At home, then, it is as usual in the bus, as it cannot be expected to be north on the north side. Kluge travels in the train. FCZ has had a good experience: Already in the preliminary round to Lugano and in the Challenge League to Chiasso Zürich rolled on rails to play.

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