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FCZ and GC run: The Greens want to prevent the Hardturm Stadium

November last year, a majority of Stadtzürsche voters advocated for the construction of a new football arena on the Hardturm site. 54 percent approval was a clear indication that in Zurich 2022 at the latest football stamps, Super League football – and not at the Letzigrund athletics stadium – can be consumed again. 18 & # 39; 000 spectators will find space.

Approved for the third attempt

Zurich says yes to the construction of Hardturm Stadium

On Wednesday evening, the project for the big bank Credit Suisse will take the next obstacle. Although a small group of stadium opponents demonstrates in front of the city hall in Zurich, the municipal council inside with 63:12 votes (with 43 abstentions) also says yes to the project "Ensemble". SP respects the will of the people, abstains.

Any paletti? Think!

The Greens, last weekend's election winners in the national and state council elections throughout the country, continue to fight the stadium. And so against a clear decision from the people.

Within 60 days, the Greens want to collect the necessary 2000 signatures, so that voters will once again come to the urn. In the summer or fall of 2020.

This triggers not only the voting winners at the end of 2018, but of course especially in the two professional clubs FC Zurich and the GC head shakes.

"The will of the voters must be respected

Andràs Gurovits, interim president of the GC, tells LOOK:" We, the GC and myself, of course hope that the will of the voters, expressed in November last year, will be respected and the stadium opened […]

And FCZ chief Ancillo Canepa says: "I am proud of our unique system of direct democracy. However, it only works if the game's basic rules are adhered to. The people approved the whole project last year. Now to seize the referendum borders on coercion, about not approving majority decision. "

" undue and disrespectful "

Then Canpa's clear text speaks:" To me this is unreasonable and irreverent. We also had to accept a negative match result a few years ago. We have done but without complaining and with great complaining. "

But the president of the FCZ still has hope:" I am convinced that the people have a good sense of justice That's why I look forward to a possible fourth stadium call within 15 years. Especially since the project has carefully considered issues such as climate, security and neighborhood compatibility. »

Demonstration in front of Werbetram

Must Zurich still shake around the football arena?

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