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Farmer Uwe and Iris Abel: "Bauer sucht Frau" the couple make sad darling

Inka Bause brought together Uwe and Iris Abel in the 7th season of "Bauer sucht Frau".
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Since 2005, the presenter connects Inka Bause in RTL -Show " Farmer seeks wife " ordinary love-loving peasants. Over the years, several couples have found the love of their lives but the candidate Iris Abel shocked the fans with a sad message.

"Farmer seeks a woman": Iris Abel's shock with sad child message [1
9659005] On Instagram, the former "farmer's wife" candidate Iris Abel publicly made her grief: "Some wishes and dreams in life remain unfulfilled" she writes to her present letter showing her with a baby in her arms The whole thing with a sad smiley. "[V] Maybe it has a deeper meaning, it should be like this or it is just the punishment for something that has been long ago, and at some point the time comes, it's too late," she continues. Obviously, Iris wants new blood – but so far has failed.

"BsF" candidate Uwe Abel does not seem to want to have children

Currently, Iris Abel has apparently realized that it may be too late for a child aged 51 years. And her husband Uwe obviously has little interest in offspring. According to a report from "InTouch" he has repeatedly emphasized that he does not want children. He was allegedly engaged in school and did not want his children to go through it. Therefore, he decided early on offspring reporting "InTouch".

"Bauer sucht Frau" fans are Iris Abel in difficult times

Another reason for the missing offspring can also be was a lowering that Iris Abel had recently done . At least her Instagram followers encourage Iris in these difficult times: "You don't see it as a punishment, it's the fate that many women share with you, and so I understand these sentimental moments very well." , writes about one of her fans. "Wait until 1 year after surgery, then it will be," says another.

And a third suggests, if needed, an adoption: "I know you always want a biological child, but consideration is a big problem in Germany A friend is single and has a fetus bond. To be single or couple No matter how Iris and Uwe decide, their fans are definitely behind them.

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