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Expert interview: How do you protect yourself from ticks


As a child, we heard that the trolls of the trees jump down on their victims. What's wrong with that?

DOMINIK FAUST: It's just a nursery. Rather, you attack a cruise as you walk along bushes or bushes or trudging through tall grass with a fortress in it.

How do I protect myself from a stitch?

FIST: There are several tips. It starts with wearing long clothes and putting the pants in the socks. Then you should wear clear clothes. This does not deter the bracket, but you can see it that way. Drug stores and pharmacies also sell so-called repellents. Sprays applied to the skin and clothes and keep the ticks away, as we know from mosquito nuts.

If it still happens ̵

1; how dangerous is such a fortress?

FIST: There are two dangerous pathogens for us, which can be transmitted by fasteners. One is Borrelia and the other is the tipped onecephalite, TBE for short. The probability of getting a drill string from an attachment is assumed to be between 3 and 5 percent in Germany. About 30 percent of the ticks have Borrelia, but it varies dramatically.

And in FSME?

FIST: 0.1 to 5 percent ticks have the virus in them, so the chances of getting TBE are still high once lower.

What are the symptoms of the disease?

FIST: If you develop flu symptoms after a fish bite, like body weight, increased temperature and fatigue, you should definitely go to the doctor. It may be an indication of the viral infection. The drill rigs become noticeable for the first time after hours or days around the puncture site. The best way to do this is to briefly document it with your mobile phone camera and then go to the doctor.

What countermeasures can the doctor take?

FIST: There are no treatment options for the virus, this has to heal itself. If the borrelia bacteria are confirmed, they will be treated with antibiotics, these are bacteria.

How dangerous can it be if I ignore the clues?

Fist: TBE rarely causes meningitis, the Lyme disease can have very different aspects. It can heal spontaneously or enter a chronic stage and cause severe damage to the nerves and skin years later.

How useful is a vaccine – available only against TBE?

FIST: Right. You can not vaccinate against Borrelia. The TBE vaccine is recommended for people who spend a lot of time in the forest. Forester belongs to it or my neighbor, who is passionate hunter. Perhaps it is also useful for children who spend a lot of time outdoors. But these are very individual choices, so be sure to do a thorough risk assessment.

Does the vaccine mean full protection?

Fist: No. As with all vaccinations, there is no hundred percent protection.

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